About the New California Congressional District 2

In the 2006 general election Proposition 20 (Wiki) changed who did the redistricting from politicians to a citizens committee (Wiki).  That task has been accomplished as of 15 Aug. 2011, and will be used for future elections.  There are a number of different new districts.  One for the California State Senate, the State Assembly, State Board of Equalization and the U.S. Congress.  It's the 2011 Congressional map that's of interest here.

http://wedrawthelines.ca.gov/ is the official redistricting web site. 

On Line Map

To check which district you're in go to:  http://swdb.berkeley.edu/gis/gis2011/  in the District Type drop down box select:
2011-08-15 12:01PM crc congress certified statewide
and leave the "previously presented" in the box to the right.
Then enter your address.  (The redistricting is based on census areas, not zip codes so you really need to use your address if you're near the border.)

I reside in the old District 1 which is the Northern California Coast.  The new district 2 is the Northern California Coast but with some differences.

Counties in New District 2

Includes the California coast from the Oregon border to the North end of the Golden Gate bridge.
Del Norte,
and parts of Sonoma.  Best to use the on line map as described above if you're in Sonoma County.

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