League of Women Voters Humboldt County Questions

1.  What do you feel are the Federal Programs that are most important to Older Americans outside of Medicare and Social Security and why?

Our current Debt-based monetary system (Wiki) depends on economic growth to work and with the baby boomers retiring plus the poor economy may cause it to collapse.  Note this relates to the central fractional reserve banking (Wiki) system and is different from the problem of funding the Social Security system to support baby boomers in retirement ( Social Security debate in the United States).  To make matters worse the regulations on banks have not been reinstated. The Dodd-Frank Act (Wiki) exempts the Security and Exchange Commission (Wiki: SEC) from Freedom Of Information Act (Wiki: FOIA) requests making it easier for the SEC to protect Wall Street from criminal prosecution.  This is part of the regulatory capture (Wiki) problem where the federal agencies charged with regulating industry instead support and protect those industries.

There are people who for whatever reason are not eligible for Medicare and need health care.  My analysis of Obama Care is that it requires everyone to subscribe to a private health care insurance program and that it mandates that the insurance companies accept all applicants.  The result will be much higher insurance costs which will be passed on to the subscribers who will not be able to afford it.  We need a single payer health care program for all Americans.

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (Wiki: ERISA) needs to be reformed to include a fairness provision.  As it is now the plan administartors can do whatever they want and it's virtually impossible to appeal.

2.  The number of Older Americans will grow significantly in the next 5-10 years.  Please tell us what role you think the Federal Government has in their care and welfare.

The U.S. currently operates on the idea of capitalism, yet programs like Social Security and Medicare are what's called socialism.  The problem is that neither Capitalism nor Marxism work in modern times.  John F. Nash won a Nobel prize in economics for his idea that's demonstrated in the bar scene in the movie A Beautiful Mind and I've posted that scene on my web page:  http://www.end2partygovernment.com/2012Issues.html#ASvJN
"John Smith (the father of Capitalism) was wrong", hence capitalism is wrong.
I'm calling the new economic system Nashism that has two factors (1) doing what's in your own self interest and (2) doing what's in the interset of the group.

With Nashism it will be possible to focus on how we can help each other rather than the current focus only on profits to the exclusion of everything else.

3.  Long term care, especially that provided in skilled nursing facilities, has largely been paid for by the State.  With the surge in the elder population, the decline in the economy, and the humane call for care, how do you think the government (federal and state) should address this impending predicament?

The current "defense" spending is close to $ 1 Trillion per year.  This must end and the bulk of that money allocated for research and development on energy, education and health care. 

4.Where do you stand on the issue of federal support and funding for public transportation such as bus and rail transit systems, non-profit transportation services to special groups such as the disabled and senior citizens as well as other alternative forms of transportation such as biking and walking?

We need a new energy efficient transportation system that makes use of rail and pneumatic tube technology and that has a low carbon foot print.  This system would move both people and products.  The federally supported "Light Rail" idea had a fatal flaw in that there was no standardization so the light rail system in adjacent communities can not be connected together because they are not compatible.  Further there was no overall planning.  An example of good planning is Japan where the transportation system is tiered with a backbone of high speed rail and has branches of subways and buses.  You can get almost anywhere in Japan on public transportation.

Note that currently under Capitalism there's a move to privatize pretty much everything, and that's a big mistake.  (Wiki Privatize the profits and socialize the losses).  Capitalism does not work when there's not a free market such as an integrated transportation system, health care, the post office, etc. 

The transportation system would charge most users a fair rate but those who are eligible for government support would ride free as part of their support package of benefits.


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