Marin Independent Journal Canidates Grid

Basic background information:

Birth date: 30 Dec 1942

Address, phone number (please include cell phone if possible) and e-mail.
Brooke Clarke
3425 Deerwood Dr.
Ukiah, CA 95482
(707) 468-8783

Cell only works if I’m in a populated area, not at home, (707) 688-3808

Educational achievement:

1960 Mountain View High School
1962 Foothill Jr. College. A.A.
1964 San Jose State College. B.S.E.E.
1965 San Jose State College. M.S.E.E.

Current occupation and brief employment background
Current: Design, manufacture & sell products on internet
Prior: Electrical Engineer, member of senior technical staff, regional sales manager, marketing manager, general manager

Public service: military service, committees served on, political offices held and years they were held, etc…
I have never worked as a politician and do not plan to serve more than two terms if elected.

Marital status: married, single, how many children
Widower.  One son.

Key endorsements

Not applicable.  I’m not accepting any money.  I’m running a zero dollar campaign.  I’m not running under the banner of any political party.  I’m asking supporters to tell their friends using word of mouth via email, facebook, etc. 


Any candidate who says they will not accept PAC money and who is running as a Democrat or Republican is being hypocritical because they are going to get a lot of money and valuable support.  Then they are in a position where voting against their party may cost them an election.  This is a big problem in Congress now causing the tie votes. 

First priority if elected to Congress

Restore the Constitution and bring back justice. (Liberty and Justice for Some by Greenwald).  Let the teachers get back to teaching subjects instead of tests, repeal No Child Left Behind (Wiki).  Structural Issues, see:


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 7 below are not stand alone problems but are interrelated either in terms of their cause or solution.  The root cause of the problems are structural, that’s to say things like the debt-based monetary system.  Examples of this are (Wiki): Campaign finance, lobbying, revolving door, Freedom of Information Act, whistle blower Protection, regulatory capture,  PACs, Presidential Signing Statements, Line Item Veto, Congressional Insider Trading the list goes on . .  .

1. High unemployment

If we stop all wars (foreign, drugs, terrorism, etc.) and cut the war budget there will be money for energy research and product development. 

Developing infrastructure is not the way to increase economic activity. 

(TED: Does democracy stifle economic growth?)

Our tax laws should encourage domestic jobs and penalize off shore manufacturing.

2. Global warming

This is a real and serious problem that must be addressed. 

    (TED: James Hansen: Why I must speak out about climate change. &Paul Gilding: The Earth is full)

3. Income inequality

I agree with the idea of Richard Wilkinson’s TED Talk How economic inequality harms societies, but I think a much better metric is Authoritarian behavior.  (The Authoritarians by Altemeyer (U of Manitoba), Escape From Freedom & The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness by Fromm, Conservatives without Conscience, by Dean, Republican Gomorrah by Blumenthal).

4. Federal budget deficit

Our Debt-based monetary system (Wiki) is not sustainable because it requires economic growth. 
There’s No Tomorrow
Our monetary system needs radical reform.

Capitalism (based on Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith) needs to be replaced by what I've named Nashism, based on John F. Nash (Wiki & A Beautiful Mind (IMDB, Netflix) or  “Adam Smith was wrong” means Capitalism is wrong.  It was OK in 1776 when Smith wrote the book when there was no electricity and businesses were family owned, but not in today’s world.

The Constitution (A1 S8) makes provision for the government to print money, there's no need to borrow it except to make some people very rich.

5. Funding for Social Security and Medicare

1 Congress should return the borrowed money.
2 Remove the cap on SS tax and/or make the tax progressive.
3 If more is needed raise the tax rate and/or increase the retirement age.
(Wiki: Social Security debate in the United States)

Do not privatize.  (Wiki: Privatizing profits and socializing losses

ERISA (Wiki) needs reform, it has no fairness provision.

6. Nuclear proliferation in Middle East

There are many countries that have nuclear weapons and are not friendly with the U.S. but that's not justification for starting a war.  (Wiki: Kellogg–Briand Pact)
The U.S. needs to close its foreign military bases and radically cut the war budget. (Wiki: Hegemony & American imperialism; Rogue State by Blum, Hegemony or Survival by Chomsky)

7. Meeting nation’s energy needs

Natural Gas is a bridge solution (TED: T. Boone Pickens: Let's transform energy -- with natural gas) if fracking (Wiki) can be done safely.  That will require strict regulation which is impossible now due to regulatory capture (Wiki)
Long term we need to increase  energy efficiency and develop sustainable energy sources and large scale energy storage which requires R&D spending.  Rail and/or Pneumatic Tube (Wiki) are more efficient than trucks.
There’s No Tomorrow (YouTube)

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