Marin Women’s Political Action Committee Questions
with answers by Mr. Brooke Clarke

The purpose and goals of MWPAC are to organize and educate women in order that they may unite in their efforts to eradicate sexism, racism, ageism, institutional violence and poverty.  To achieve these goals, MWPAC works to involve women in the political process at all levels including electing candidates and lobbying for political appointments.

MWPAC will endorse/recommend (women and men, respectively) candidates who express agreement with and have demonstrated support for the MWPAC goals and purposes.  The specific issues targeted by MWPAC include, but are not limited to: reproductive choice, affirmative action, comparable worth/pay equity, protection against domestic violence and sexual assault and ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Do you support the goals and purposes of MWPAC as outlined above? Yes.

Part I


          1.  What is your position on freedom of choice?

Reproductive rights are one of the human rights that people everywhere should have.


2.  What is your stand on public funding for abortion and reproductive health care access?

It’s a part of the medical care that everyone should have and should be taught in the schools before children reach puberty.

          3.  Do you support any legal restrictions on a woman’s right to choose?No.


What does “affirmative action” mean to you and what specifically would you do to promote this concept should you be elected to this office?

In my mind “affirmative action” means reverse discrimination based on race, religion, national origin or gender.  It’s been imposed in cases where there’s been a history of discrimination as a way to bring about a more balanced situation.  It is discrimination and should only be used if there’s evidence of unbalanced action.   Our goal should be to end all forms of discrimination.


What should be the role of government, if any, in expanding child care facilities?

Single parents are now very common and need to be able to work.  I would support the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which has provisions for child care in these hard economic times and a similar child care program in good economic times.


          1.  What does comparable worth mean to you?

Equal pay for equal work.

2.  If you support the concept of comparable worth, how will you implement it if elected to this office?  Be specific.
The ERA (see “H” below) should be one of a number of amendments to the Constitution and would provide a basis for other measures. 


How would you address the issues of rape, assault and domestic violence if you are elected?

I don’t see a need for more legislation in this area.


          1.  What does “sexual harassment” mean to you?

It’s not at all easy to define.  For example see the Criticism paragraph at Wiki:

          2.  What will you do to eliminate sexual harassment if elected?

I don’t know, it's something that can be abused by women.

          3.  Which public or private programs do you feel have been most effective in addressing this issue?

I don’t know.


Would you support investigating the annual budget review process in order to evaluate whether resources are proportionally allotted to women?

I like the idea as put forth at:

It seems to be in the discussion stage rather than something that’s ready to become a law.

H.  ERA   

The Equal Rights Amendment states the “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State on account of sex”.

          1.  Do you support the principles of the ERA? Yes.

          2.  What have you done, or will you do, to promote the principles of the ERA?

A Constitutional amendment is needed to correct “Corporate Personhood” and the since the Equal Rights Amendment also requires changing the Constitution, it should be addressed in the same convention.


          1.  What do you see as the major issues in this campaign?

The Democrats and Republicans agree on the big issues, yet debate the minor issues so if either of them gets elected population does not get the policies they want.  For example we spend way too much on war. Obama Care is not single payer.  Dodd-Frank not only does not restore the banking controls that were stripped out of Glass-Stegall but exempts the SEC from FOIA requests, making it easier for the SEC to shield Wall Street from criminal prosecution.  We have a two tier justice system where the elite are immune from criminal prosecution, that’s to say we’ve become a banana republic.  The Bill of Rights is being removed a piece at a time.  Our monetary system requires growth to function, that’s to say by design it’s not sustainable.  Global warming is a real problem that’s being ignored.  The U.S. has more people in prison that any other country.  Congressmen are violating their oath of office, i.e. passing laws that are in direct conflict with the Constitution.   The office of the President has way too much power.  The Supreme Court has made some very bad decisions and those need to be reversed.  The schools have a number of problems, one being that they now teach test taking (No Child Left Behind) instead of teaching subjects.


2.  What qualities or experience make you particularly qualified for this office?

I'm intelligent and have spent more than a year studying federal politics on a more than full time basis and have a reasonable understanding not only of the “public” issues discussed above but also the structural problems like regulatory committee capture, campaign finance, lobbying (PAC, Super PAC), the revolving door, Freedom of Information Act, Whistle Blower treatment, and maybe one of the most important concepts the effect of authoritarian personality.


There may be a new branch of economics I’m calling Nashism, based on the Nobel prize winner John Nash’s idea that says Adam Smith was wrong.   The best outcome is when each person does not only what’s in his best interest (Smith’s idea of the invisible hand) but also does what’s in the best interest of the group.  In this case the group might be one of the World’s inhabitants or something that takes into account sustainability.  The bar scene in the movie “A Beautiful Mind” illustrates the basic idea.

I've been a voter for many decades and have a good understanding of what's happened historically, which has important ramifications on what's going on now.

          3.  Whom do you consider your base of support and why?

Thinking voters.  Voters who just choose between the Democrat and Republican candidate are actually voting against their own best interests and the interest of the country and world.

          4.  What is your projected campaign budget?

Zero.  I have not and will not accept any PAC or Super PAC money.  I’m planning on using the internet and a true grass roots campaign strategy.  I’m not asking for financial support.  Instead I'm asking people to tell their friends using word of mouth, email, facebood, twitter, etc.

          5.  If endorsed/recommended by MWPAC, will you use this in your campaign literature?

Yes, I would not accept any money from your PAC.

Please attach a list of your endorsements, both groups and individuals.

Not applicable.


1. List your personal experience.

B.S.E.E. and M.S.E.E. degrees from San Jose State.  This was when there was no tuition unlike today where most students cannot afford the tuition.

Jobs have included electrical engineer, member of senior technical staff, sales manager, marketing manager and general manager.  I have a small internet business selling products that I’ve designed and manufacture using local businesses to supply all of the key components.

2. List your community involvement activities.

Not applicable.

   3.  What do you believe are your strengths and weaknesses as they pertain to this office?

 I believe in the Scientific method.  I’m intelligent and fast learner.  I have deep knowledge of many topics.   Score at the bottom of the Altemeyer Authoritarian scale.  See his free on line book The Authoritarians at


Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Cheerful, Thrifty and Brave traits I possess.  


I have a bad back which makes it hard for me to stand for long periods of time, but I don’t see that as a problem for this job.

Life has been good to me and this is a way to give something back to society.  If only a handful of Congress people are elected who are not Democrats and not Repbulicans then the bottleneck in Congress might be ended and we can go about the business of making this a great country that would lead by example.

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