Politicans & Campaign Money

© Brooke Clarke 2011

The politicians follow the incentives, they are not necessarily criminals. For example see the book Freakonomics (Amazon)which explains how incentives drive people to do things you might not expect.  In the case of politicians THE key driver is money for their next election campaign.

Constructing Public Opinion: How Politicians and the Media Misrepresent the Public a documentary by Media Education Fund (6 min YouTube, small format full length preview) - makes it clear that for issues where candidates will be getting campaign contributions they are very much the same, this includes things like health care, Wages, Taxes, NAFTA (Wiki), GATT (Wiki), high defense spending, war.  On low campaign dollar topics like gay rights, abortion, death penalty they have differences and the differences are what gets the publicity prior to elections.  That's to say the media does not cover the issues where the candidates have virtually the same position.

Also the public, when asked a generalized question about personal property vs. government control are in favor of personal property, but when asked specifically about a policy relating to personal property vs. government control they are in favor of government control.

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