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This page contains a lot of speculation about how or why decisions are being made in Washington because the public is not being told the facts. This is obivious just based on the explanations that are given, or not given, for current events.   It appears that there are serious problems in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the government and they are getting worse every year.

    Not Voting for a president, but rather voting against the prior administration
    2003 Iraq War
        Why Iraq War?
        Why Libya War? (it's the same reason as the Iraq war)
The Problem
The Solution
    Good Guys
    Number of Changes Neeeded
    New Legislation
Key Issues
    Change 14th Amendment (Corporate Person Hood)
    Global Warming
    End War
    Fix the Economy
        Monetary Reform
        Tax Rate
        Income or Consumption Tax
    Health Care for Everyone
    Reform Lobbying, PAC & Campaign Laws, etc.
    Eliminate Nuclear Weapons
    Russia in the 1960s = U.S. Today
    Repeal Patriot Acts
    1 On the Overall Problem
    2 On the need for an educated electorate
    3 On Presidents Lying to their own people
    4 On the Economy
        Debt Ceiling
        Monetary System
        Social Security
    5 On Obama's Health Care
    6 On War
        War on Drugs
        Where U.S. Bombs are Exploding July 2011:
        Prior U.S. Attacks
        U.S. Imperialism
    7 On the Freedom Of Information Act
    8 On Whistle Blowers
    9 On the Press
    10 On Money and Politicians
        10A Campaign Finance Reform
        10B Lobbying Reform
    11 Global Warming
    12 On Character Assassination
    13 On Nukes
    14 On Rights
    15 On the Imperial Presidency
    16 The U.S. Constitution
    17 Ethics
    18 Authoritarin Followers
    YouTube Video
    Meetup Group
        Project for the New American Century
        Foreign Policy Initiative
        American Enterprise Institute
        Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
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    Interesting People
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I got the idea of not voting for either Democrats or Republicans while watching the Bill Moyers interview with Glenn Greenwald (Ref1 ).  An expression I'm hearing more and more is "ashamed to be an American".  It's very clear that the U.S. is today's equivalent of Genghis Khan.  The idea presented on this page offers a glimmer of hope.

The Major political parties (Democrats and Republicans) are not responsive to the electorate and  they are pursuing courses of action that are diametrically opposed to the policies they espoused during the election campaign. Look what’s happening in the Obama presidency in relation to the key issues of War, Health Care, The Economy and in relation to the Freedom Of Information Act, Whistle Blowers,  Presidential Powers, and the list goes on.
Obama's accomplishments SNL -

The people can only vote if they are educated in regard to the issues (Ref2).  When the government lies to the voters and conceals the truth (and influence the media Ref9) the voters can not make informed decisions.

I think the reason that Obama has the least transparent administration (Ref7) and is so up tight about whistle blowers (Ref8) is that they know they are acting in ways that are opposed to the principles they vowed to support in their campaign.  There may be a number of factors in why they are doing that.  First, and in my opinion most likely, is that they need support from the House and Senate to get anything done and that requires the politicians not do anything that will hurt their campaign contributions (Ref10).  Another is who they listen to for advice.  When Johnson took over as president he didn't know what to do and relied on Robert McNamara for how to run the Vietnam war, rejecting the advice of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Bush did essentially the same thing by listening to the CIA and for all practical purposes put the CIA in charge of the military.  Obama has inherited this convoluted structure which is in line with his idea of using the CIA to go after terrorists rather than use the military, but that's not consistent with his escalation of the military efforts.  Again, it's hard to know what's going on when the administration keeps the important facts secret.

Republicrat & Demopublican (Wiki)
24 July 2011 - Since Democrat and Republican don't have any meaning with regard to the policies the president supports there must be some other determining factor.  The most obivious one is money. (Ref 10)

Not Voting for a president, but rather voting against the prior administration

You can see that for the past 50 years whenever the "other" party takes office it's because of a problem created by the prior party.
The country was so pissed at George W. Bush that the Democrats elected the first Black predident in the history of the country.  They could have elected a female black women if they would have put her on the ballot. The same is true of the 1977 election of Jimmy Carter, whoever was the Democratic canidate would win.
President #
Took Office Left Office Party
John F. Kennedy 35
20-Jan-61 22-Nov-63 Democratic 
Lyndon B. Johnson 36
22-Nov-63 20-Jan-69 Democratic 
The Democrats were associated with the Vietnam war   
Richard M. Nixon 37
20-Jan-69 9-Aug-74 Republican 
Gerald Ford 38
9-Aug-74 20-Jan-77 Republican 
Country was pissed at Nixon and the Republicans over Watergate   
Jimmy Carter 39
20-Jan-77 20-Jan-81 Democratic 
Carter's term was known for inflation and recession   
Ronald Reagan 40
20-Jan-81 20-Jan-89 Republican 
George H. W. Bush 41
20-Jan-89 20-Jan-93 Republican 
GHW Bush was viewed as "politician befuddled by economic matters".   
Bill Clinton 42
20-Jan-93 20-Jan-01 Democratic 
Sex & Lying in the White House   
George W. Bush 43
20-Jan-01 20-Jan-09 Republican 
Bush referred to as "the worst president ever"  Major Lying about Iraq War   
Barack Obama 44
20-Jan-09 Incumbent  Democratic 

2003 Iraq War

This is a very important issue. The three reasons Bush gave for the invasion of Iraq (9/11 related, yellow cake uranium & Weapons of Mass Destruction) were all lies.  (See: Ref1, Ref3 & Ref6)  The Bush administration was so concerned about covering up their lies that they used character assassination against Valerie Plame and others. (Ref12)

It's taken a month of research on the internet and reading a number of books to figure this out.  "It's about the oil" really didn't feel like the total answer.  The neoconservatives are behind it and yes oil is part of it but by no means the focus.  It's a much more troubling concept of the U.S. taking over the world.  Ten days after Bush41 was inaugurated in the first Security Council meeting on assignments were given out for an attack on Iraq.  The second security council meeting
Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002,[1] Pub.L. 107-243 (Wiki)
Boxer (D-CA), Nay
Feinstein (D-CA), ?
Thompson (CA), Nay

Why? Ans: Project for the New American Century (PNAC)

I have moved all the prior research into this question to another web page (Prior Research) since I've found the answer.  It's well described in the movie:
Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire (2004 DVD) by  Julian Bond (Wiki)
It examines the idea that neoconservatives used the September 11, 2001 attacks to usher in a new doctrine of expanding American power through military force under the guise of a "war on terror" and that the doctrine, known as the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), had been laid out prior to 9/11 by its authors, which include Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush and Dan Quayle.  12 Aug 2011 DVD on order
YouTube has the movie in 10 parts: Hijacking Catastrophe - Intro (1 of 10)
The movie makes use of interviews with over 30 well known people. (See Interesting People Hijacking Catastrophe below)

Wiki: Project for the New American Century - Closed down in 2006 - replaced by FPI:
Open Letter to The Honorable William J. Clinton, President of the United States, January 26, 1998 (at PNAC web page) signed by:

Elliott Abrams Wiki
Iran-Contra multiple felony counts
special assistant to the president and senior director for democracy, human rights, and international operations at the National Security Council
Richard L. Armitage Wiki member of The Vulcans (Wiki) (Bush43 campaign foreign policy team)
Deputy Secretary of State
William J. Bennett Wiki Sec of Education Reagan supported by Irving Kristol
Drug Czar under Bush41
Jeffrey Bergner Wiki Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs 2005 - 2008
John Bolton Wiki
Paula Dobriansky Wiki Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs 2001 - 2005
Francis Fukuyama Wiki contributor to the formulation of the Reagan Doctrine (Wiki)
active in the PNAC
argued that the worldwide spread of liberal democracies (Wiki) may signal the end point of humanity's sociocultural evolution and become the final form of human government.
Robert Kagan Wiki co-founded the PNAC
FPI board
Zalmay Khalilzad Wiki Ambassador at Large for Free Iraqis with the task of coordinating "preparations for a post-Saddam Hussein Iraq." 2002
William Kristol Wiki chairman of the New Citizenship Project 1997 - 2005
co-founded the PNAC
board of trustees for the free-market Manhattan Institute for Policy Research (Wiki)
director of the FPI
board member of Keep America Safe (fear monger?)
on the board of the Emergency Committee for Israel (Wiki)
Richard Perle Wiki chairman of the Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee (Wiki) Bush43
member or patron of:
Hudson Institute (Wiki)
Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) (Wiki)
was established by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Wiki)
Center for Security Policy (CSP) (Wiki) "Peace through Strength"
American Enterprise Institute (AEI)
Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) (Wiki)
"'regime change' by any means necessary in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority is an urgent imperative."
Henry Jackson Society (Wiki)
Supports the maintenance of a strong military
Gives two cheers for capitalism
Peter W. Rodman Wiki United States Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs (Wiki) 2001 - 2007 (left early)
Donald Rumsfeld Wiki Sec of Defense 2001 - resigned Nov 6, 2006
eight retired generals and admirals called for Rumsfeld to resign in early 2006 in what was called the "Generals Revolt," accusing him of "abysmal" military planning and lack of strategic competence
Center for Security Policy (Wiki)
Signed PNAC's founding statement of principles as well as two policy letters on Iraq
Freedom House (Wiki) NGO with 80% from U.S. government
selected by the State Department to receive funding for 'clandestine activities' inside Iran
Committee for the Free World (Wiki) Former chairman
William Schneider, Jr. Wiki Commission to Assess the Ballistic Missile Threat to the United States (Wiki) 1998 - said Iraq could attack U.S.
Chair Defense Science Board (Wiki) 2001 - 2009
advocated using nuclear weapons in certain limited first-strike situations.
Vin Weber Wiki member PNAC
chairman National Endowment for Democracy (Wiki) funded by Congress
senior fellow at the Humphrey Institute (Wiki)
on the Advisory Board of the Institute for Law and Politics (Wiki)
board member of:
Aspen Institute (Wiki)
Council on Foreign Relations (Wiki)
Paul Wolfowitz Wiki Wolfowitz Doctrine (Wiki) Feb 18, 1992
is an unofficial name given to the initial version of the Defense Planning Guidance for the 1994–99FY
Deputy Secretary of Defense (Wiki) 2001 - 2005
2005 Bush43 nominates as Pres World bank (Wiki - Criticism)
R. James Woolsey Wiki head of the CIA (Wiki) 1993 - 1995
accused of both profiting from and promoting the Iraq War
released a book entitled "Shariah: The Threat to America," published by the Center for Security Policy
Robert B. Zoellick Wiki Office of the United States Trade Representative (Wiki) 2001 - 2005
Deputy Secretary of State (Wiki) 2005 - resigned 2006

Open Letter to The Honorable George W. Bush, President of the United States, September 20, 2001 (at PNAC web page)

Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) - (Wiki) - Official web site

The next question is why did the PNAC want to to this?

Authoritarian personality (Ref 18)

Rouge State: A guide to the World's Only Superpower (Wiki) by William Blum (Wiki) - this is the book that Osama bin Laden asked people to read
On the concept of a Rouge State (Wiki)."..a controversial term applied by some international theorists to states they consider threatening to the world's peace. This means meeting certain criteria, such as being ruled by authoritarian regimes that severely restrict human rights, sponsor terrorism, and seek to proliferate weapons of mass destruction."

Why Libya War?

It looks like Obama has bought into the same foreign policy that Bush43 was using.

Arch Neo-Con William Kristol Endorses Barack Obama Foreign Policy?! Dec 2, 2008 -
Do these appointments tell us something about Barack Obama's foreign policy and does this mean change?
Bill Kristol: "Obama is not the change.  In what foreign policy area is he the change?  He's gone ahead and increased the number of troops in Afghanistan something that's already in course under the Bush administration.  He's going with the Bush schedule for the draw-down in Iraq, not what he proposed during the campaign.  He's going to be a strong partner with India, he's going to fight terrorism, he's going to work with NATO, he's going to, I hope he sticks with this, increase defense spending, and the size of the Marines and the Army.  I think he's going to continue Bush's foreign policy basically for better and worse.  I hope he continues it a little better actually.  Is a little tougher on certain things.  But he'll have some token negations with Iran but he'll end up with the same choice that Bush would have in terms of having to perhaps threaten in a certain way, perhaps to use military force to stop the Nuclear program.  So
Obama is not the change.  That's the simple answer and his appointments reflect that."

FPI - Foreign Policy Experts Urge President to Take Action to Halt Violence in Libya - 15 March 2011
asks for (1) the no fly zone and (2) bombing and regime change.  The UN is not mentioned. 
Signed by: See FPI - People below

The Weekly Standard (Kristol's mag) - You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby Mar 28, 2011-
NPR - The Nation: Obama Fails To Explain An Unjust War March 29, 2011 by John Nichols
Daily Caller - Bill Kristol declares Obama ‘a born-again neo-con’ days after consulting with him on Libya policy 03/30/2011-


The 9/11 Commission (Wiki) was formed in Nov. 2002 and submitted it's report (Wiki) Aug 2004.  During this time span Bush43 (Wiki) was president.  The report has been criticized (Wiki).  Since it's clear that Bush43 lied about the reason for the Iraq war (See above & Prior Research) so it's not unreasonable to suspect that he influenced the 9/11 Commission.

The Wiki web page Criticism of the 9/11 Commission leads to a Wiki web page Able Danger which was a classified military planning effort led by the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). It was created as a result of a directive from the Joint Chiefs of Staff in early October 1999 by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Hugh Shelton, to develop an information operations campaign plan against transnational terrorism.  That lead to the Congressional Record (House) for June 27, 2005 pages H5243 to H5250 (06272005HouseIntel.pdf) where Curt Weldon (Wiki) is talking about Intelligence and in particular the NOAH program and Mohamed Atta (Wiki), one of the masterminds and the ringleader of the September 11 attacks.  Curt says the Army was prevented from reporting Mohamed Atta to the FBI for arrest prior to 9/11.

The Congressional Record mentions the Gilmore Commission (Wiki) which was established as a result of legislation by Curt Weldon.
Curt has been accused of a number of wrongful acts that have the smell of character assination (see Ref15).

CIA transnational anti-terrorism activities (Wiki)  Worldwide Attack Matrix  (Wiki) [a place holder] 

The Road to 9/11 by Peter Dale Scott - Most of the book is pre 9/11 history going back to the formation of the CIA.  The key points are:
The 9/11 Commission was overseen by the Bush-Chaney administration and there are indications that their report contains gaps.
There's a question about interceptions, to look at that first let's get a feel for the time lines.
Time am
11 Boston
175 Boston
77 Washington
93 Newark
Stonycreek 35

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Standard Intercept Procedures - If the interceptors were told to "stand down", there may have been a conspiracy.  Was there a change in June 2001 that required the Sec of Defense to approve interceptions?  Note: interceptions, like the 1999 South Dakota case, happened at least every day, they are not shoot downs, but rather checking to see why an aircraft is not responding.
1999 South Dakota Learjet crash - 1331z call for interception to F16 already airborne, 23 minutes later at 1454z F16 inspects Lear 35.

When the first plane crashed (8:46 am) it was thought to be an accident although there was some concern at the FAA that it may not be an accident.  When the second plane crashed (9:03 am) there was no doubt that this was not accidental.
If there were armed interceptors on standby at a nearby airport one of them might have been able to stop flight 77 and/or 93.
Military now notified immediately of unusual air traffic events - at 8:52 two F-15s took off from Otis AFB in Massachusetts, the 153 mile flight at the speed of sound (768 mph) (Wiki) ti would take 12 minutes to get there, or 9:04.
For F-15 pilot, 9/11 a day of what-ifs - Tim Duffy who flew one of the F-15 says he did not have authorization to shoot down civlian aircraft.  He flew at Mach 1.4 (breaking the rules) but still arrived at the WTC after 9:03.  If he would have shot down an airliner over Manhattan there would be many dead on the ground.

A Combat Air Patrol that was authorized to shoot down a civilian airliner and was in the area would not have made any difference.  That's to say shooting down a jumbo jet that's full of fuel over a populated area would result in about the same number of deaths as what happened, just in a different place.

I think this is a conspiracy theory, not a fact.

Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup.  It has a number of distortions.

For example on Pearl Harbor the comment by Short was referring to the message from Washington that was at Pearl in the communications room unopened.  The movie made you think FDR withheld the info and that's not the case.  I've had a deep interest in Cryptography ever since reading Ultra Secret by Frederick William Winterbotham in 1973 and have read about this aspect of Pearl in great detail.

The information (examples) about fire is very distorted.  As part of my EE education I took a ME class and was surprised to hear that metal framed buildings have a much poorer fire rating than wood buildings.  This is because the tensile strength of metals falls rapidly as they are heated.  They fail long before the steel melts.  Because of this it's necessary to somehow insulate the steel from fire (this is a building code requirement).  In the examples of buildings that had fires that lasted for hours the insulation was intact and doing its job, but in the case of WTC1, WTC2 when the plane hit (WTC7 the debris fell on) the building the insulation was dislodged exposing the steel to the heat of the fire causing them to fail.

The information about how fast WTC7 fell is similar to (the same as) how WTC1 and WTC2 fell with an acceleration of 1 G.  In the case of WTC1 and WTC2 the steel was overheated in the vicinity of where the plane hit the building and so once that level failed it allowed all the building above that level to fall, acting as a pile driver.  Once the moving part of the building started to move the floors below could not slow down the top part and it fell at 1G.  In the case of WTC7 fires on the lower floors caused the same type of failure, see:

There was no evidence in this movie.  It seems to be saying look at this coincidence.  But even perfect correlation does not prove causation.  It's just the first step.  For example I expect there's a perfect correlation between (make up your own condition) people who have had one or more beers between the ages of 10 and 17 and (make up your own result) people who are addicted to heroin.  That in no way proves that there's any causal relationship.  In the movie "Conspiracy Theory" the guy just looks for correlations and then prints them up as one.  At a former work place there as a guy who would make up rumors and then wait and see of they died out or if they developed traction.

In the case of the military exercises that were in progress on 9/11 that's just a coincidence.  They could have strengthened that case if they could have shown that these exercises were vary rare and when they did occur had only occurred at times of the year far from 9/11, but to just say that there was a military exercise on the same day is a very weak suggestion that something is amiss. The fact that they did not address the issue of how often exercises do occur, something that they could easily check, implies they are just presenting things to arouse the audience.

The misrepresentation of the above facts seems to indicate this movie, and most of the 9/11 related books, movies, web pages I've looked at have technical problems that negate what they are implying.

National Geographic did a series of video documentaries specifally in rebuttal to Loose Change 9/11:
National Geographic Science & Conspiracy Part 01
 Background on Conspiracy theories & 9/11 chronology
National Geographic Science & Conspiracy Part 02 -
 photos of the steel shows tiny remants of the white insulation, but 99% exposed.
Purdue Univ & ASCE develop computer models of WTC1 (North tower)
You can see how the plane would knock the insulation off the columns and beams exposing the metal to the heat of the fire
National Geographic Science & Conspiracy Part 03 -
Steven Jones & David Ray Griffin show that many buildings have survived fires lasting much longer,
but they had the insulation in tact protecting the steel.  They also talk about melting steel, which is not required.
750 gallons of jet fuel heats an uninsulated 1 ton 20 foot 8"x18" steel beam loaded with weights that fails in at 3min 47 sec ,not because it melts  (the narrator messes up and says thermo coupler instead of thermocouple which peaked at 2010 deg F)
National Geographic Science & Conspiracy Part 04 -
Controlled demolition of building shows the prep needed and the tell tale signs of the demolition that can't be hidden
what the FBI forensic bomb squad is very good at detecting
Nichols State University, Thibdaux, Louisiana 9 story steel framed building is preped and taken down.
The bottom 2 floors are removed leaving only the steel columns.  The prep took 2 weeks. 
The WTC buildings are 10 times more massive so would take 20 weeks, i.e. 5 months and a large crew to prep. 
Where to prep?  The ground floor, no it must be on the 97th floor but is it possible that that exact floor would be hit by a plane?
Part of the prep includes partially cutting the columns with a torch.  But prior to this the concrete (including maybe 1" re-bar) needs to be removed from around the columns.
Shaped linear charges are used to cut the columns at a 45 deg angle and dynamite is used to push the column top and bottom parts away from each other so they don't rejoin.  I'd guess thousands of feet of det cord is used not just to tie all the explosives together but also a lot is used to provide a time delay between the shaped charges doing the cutting and the dynamite doing the pushing.  After the job is done there's a lot of det cord remnants in the derbies
Nano thermite is mentioned.
Molten metal is mentioned with the assumption that it was steel, but planes are made of aluminum that's easier to melt.
In part 1 the Truthers say the fires went out quickly, but in this part they say the fires went on until 13 Dec. (4 months)
National Geographic Science & Conspiracy Part 05 -
An attempt to cut vertical column using thermite
Thermite (Wiki)  can be a mix of aluminum and iron oxide.  Planes are made of aluminum and the building is made of steel.
Guess what type of residue you'll find after a fire where there's steel and aluminum.  Note thermite burns at high temperature, but it is not an explosive.  Steven Jones thinks because the chips he found contained iron oxide and aluminum it must be thermite.  But the equation shown in this part is the same as that for regular thermite on the Wiki page.
Molten aluminum reacting with something is a thermite reaction, like a 4th of July sparkler. That explains the waterfall like stream of sparks coming from the floors where the plane hit.
When thermite was used in W.W.II it was dropped on the roof of buildings and it would burn through each floor in turn going all the way through the building.  But to use it on a vertical column would require some way of holding it that would not succumb to the 4500 degree burning temperature.  They tried  making a pocket using clay, but it did not hold and the burning thermite leaked out before it could damage the column.
There's talk of painting super thermite on the columns.  But the thermal mass of the columns would make it impossible to ignite.
It's like trying to unsolder a copper water pipe joint while there's water in the pipe.  The torch that can easily melt solder when the pipe is dry can not melt solder when there's a thermal mass that prevents heating to solder melting temperature.  The ignition temperature of any thermite is orders of magnitude hotter than solder melting.
National Geographic Science & Conspiracy Part 06 -
A thin wall missile acting as a kinetic weapon (not explosives on board) punches a hole through simulated Pentagon.
Purdue Univ also did a simulation on the Pentagon.
First test tube goes off at an oblique angle
National Geographic Science & Conspiracy Part 07 -
a second run works as planned.  The thin wall kinetic projectle explains the hole in the outer Pentagon wall.
When the Truthers disagree and are asked what their theory is, there's no answer.
National Geographic Science & Conspiracy Part 08 -
Forces inside our government were responsible the Truthers say.
The Truthers theory of what happened depends on Ghost planes.
The complexity and cost involved is way to huge to work.
Truthers like the story they make.
National Geographic Science & Conspiracy Part 09 -
The psychological basis of conspiracy theories.  The theory improves on reality.
National Geographic Science & Conspiracy Part 10 -
Truther's say it was a false flag operation.
The Trughers will not accept any evidence.

A very interesting book is: The Great Derangement: A Terrifying True Story of War, Politics, and Religion by Matt Taibbi who is the political writer at RollingStone.  He talks about Republicans and their linkage to fundamentalist Christians and Democrats and their linkage to 9/11 Truthers.  In researching things related to politics I've come across a number of excellent articles by Rolling Stone, something I wasn't expecting.  I've been reading articles by Matt Taibbi and think he's an excellent reporter.

PBS - Nova - The Spy Factory based on the Bamford book


The Constitution (Ref16) and it's ideas are what sets the U.S. apart from other countries.  It's the root reason that many people came to the U.S. to live.  But when we say one thing (the Constitution) and do something different (CIA covert operations, start wars, etc.) that's not acting on the philosophy that the founding fathers had in mind.  We need to either follow the Constitution or change it.  Everyone in the world can see when someone says one thing but does another and it's not admired or liked and in fact is despised.  That's were the U.S. is now.  I'm not proud to be an American today.  If I was younger I'd seriously consider moving permanently to another country and I've advised my son to do that.

The Problem

Since it doesn't’t make any difference if you vote Republican or Democrat (Obama has shown us this in spades) and the other political parties do not have a chance of winning, voting has no effect on how the country is run.  I think the problem is the system and not the people trapped in it.

The Solution

Put simply, the solution is to fire BOTH the Democrats AND Republicans.  We can do this simply by no longer voting for either of them but voting for someone else for that seat. 

If this is the only thing that you did it would take a number of election cycles to have an effect.  To get a faster response it’s necessary to change your voter registration political party affiliation to "Decline to State", unaffiliated or whatever name your state calls not a member of any party.  In some states this just means you don't vote for candidates in a primary election, but you  still get to vote for local issues and candidates.

If you are now registered with a political party other than Republican or Democrat you should still change your registration to Decline to State.  The reason is that the signal to politicians is going to be the size of the change. If you are not now registered to vote it’s important to register as an unaffiliated.  I expect that existing Republican and Democrat politicians will change their party affiliation to unaffiliated.  I also expect new candidates to run as unaffiliated.
The key idea that's new is that we have the power to fire both the Democrats AND the Republicans.
In the past we've tried firing either the Democrats or the Rebublicans, but that does not work.

Similar Idea

The Get Out Of Our House web page is saying a similar thing, i.e. fire the professional politicians and elect citizen representatives.  But I think they don't appricate the real problems and so the canidates that they select will not be able to make the needed changes.  For example thier only economic measure is the Fair Tax, nothing about monetary reform.

Good Guys

Congressmen who seem to be able to think about the issues (the good guys):
Dennis Kucinich (Dem Oh) (Wiki)
Ron Paul (Rep Tx) (Wiki)
Bernie Sanders (Ind, VT) (Wiki)

Number of Changes Neeeded

Currently the House and Senate are about split down the middle between the Republicans and Democrats and that makes it very difficult for either party to pass any bill.  In order for this idea to work it's not necessary to gain a majority of the seats, but instead to just gain enough seats so that if you have the support of either party the total exceeds the required minimum needed vote.  This amounts to something like 10 percent of the votes.

New Legislation

Note that the new third party can introduce new legislation the same as anyone else.  I expect that there are a number of Democrats and Republicans that have excellent ideas that have been supressed that now will have a chance of being heard.  An example is the 47 proposed laws in the Reining in the Imperial Presidency paper (Ref15).

It's not necessary that a canidate promise to support more than one of the key issues in order for this idea to work.
It's only necessary that  we elect neither Democrats nor Republicans to as many Senate and House seats as possible.

Key Issues

These are issues that I think need to be addressed.  They are not in any order although that's something I plan on doing.

Change 14th Amendment

Corporate Person Hood has it's basis in the 14th Amendment.  British common law distinguished between "natural people" from other entities like government, businesses and churches which were called "artificial persons".
14th Amendment, Section 1 as it is July 2011
Section 1.
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Section 1 of the 14th Amendment needs to be amended to add the word natural before person.
Proposed Change to 14th Amendment, Section 1
Section 1.
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any natural person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

YouTube - Thom Hartmann: It all boils down to "corporate personhood"

Unequal Protection: How Corporations Became 'People' and How You Can Fight Back by Thom Hartman

Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy -

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Global Warming

Cool the Earth Save the Economy on line book at UC by John Harte   There is supposed to be a chapter addressing CO2 follows temperature.

I had global warming as one of the problems that needs to get fixed, but while researching it discovered what appears to be a fatal flaw relating to the fact that the temperature changes before there's a change in the CO2.  If the green house gas idea was true the CO2 would first go up then the temperature would go up, but the data shows the opposite order.

This is a long term problem and it's hard to distinguish between normal variations in the weather from a long term increase.  There are some complicating factors. 
Is the Sunspot Cycle About to Stop? Jun 14, 2011
Predicting Solar Cycle 24With a Solar Dynamo Model.pdf 30 Mar 2007
The unusual minimum of sunspot cycle 23 caused by meridional plasma flow variations 3 Mar 2011

The Great Global Warming Swindle (YouTube)- for me the undisputed fact that the temperature change LEADS the atmospheric CO2 concentration is a deal breaker.  The explanation given in the movie and not disputed by anyone is that the ocean water has a CO2 concentration that depends on the local water temperature.  When it gets hotter the water releases CO2 and when it gets colder the water takes in CO2 (just like a carbonated drink).  The time constant of the world's oceans is a very long time (i.e. the time lag between a temperature change and the correlated CO2 change).
‘CO2 doesn’t lead, it lags’—Turns out CO2 rise is both a cause and an effect of warming - says: "Nevertheless, it is misleading to say that temperature rose and then, hundreds of years later, CO2 rose."  The time constant of the oceans is very long.  To then go on to say that the correlation is across a full cycle (5,000 to 10,000 years would require an explanation for a time constant that long and this topic is not even broached.

What does the lag of CO2 behind temperature in ice cores tell us about global warming? - In this rebuttal to the film they say "..the warmings take about 5000 years to be complete." but again no explanation for a time constant that long.  The end of an ice age is where there's a turnaround to a warmer climate, i.e. when there's change, and if during the time of change the temperature leads the CO2 there's a big problem with the current theory of global warming.

Other rebuttal sites make a big thing about the fact that there is a very strong correlation between CO2 and temperature, but correlation is not the same as causation.  For example there's a perfect 100% correlation between people who have at some time in their life had a drink of water and people who are heroin addicts.  That does not mean drinking water leads to heroin addiction.
Historically, CO2 never caused temperature change’—Not so - None of the arguments on this page hold any water.

Complaint to Ofcom: Seven major misrepresentations of the scientific evidence in 'The Great Global Warming Swindle'
This is the best rebuttal to the Temperature leads CO2 question, but still does not really address it.  I've sent (9 Aug 2011) an email to the lead author asking him to explain the abstract and Fig 4 in the paper "Timing of Atmospheric CO2 ..."

Note the first word in the title is Timing.  This paper is all about the 800 year offset between temperature and CO2.  But the Green House model involves gases and so has no mechanism to explain a long time constant.

Timing of Atmospheric CO2 and Antarctic Temperature Changes Across Termination III by N. Caillon, J.P. Severinghaus, J. Jouzel, J-M Barnola, J Kang & V.Y. Lipenkov, Science magazine 14 March 2003, Vol 299, pg 1728.  The summary says:
The analysis of air bubbles from ice cores has yielded a precise record of atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations, but the timing of changes in these gases with respect to temperature is no accurately known because of uncertainty in the gas age-ice age difference.  We have measured the isotropic composition of argon in air bubbles in the Vostok core during Termination III (approx 240,000 years before the present).  This record most likely reflects the temperature and accumulation change, although the mechanism remains unclear.  the sequence of events during Termination III suggests that the CO2 increase lagged Antarctic deglacial warming by 800 +/- 200 years and preceded the Northern Hemisphere deglaciation."

Stable Carbon Cycle–Climate Relationship During the Late Pleistocene -Urs Siegenthaler1,Thomas F. Stocker1,*,Eric Monnin1,Dieter Lüthi1,Jakob Schwander1,Bernhard Stauffer1,Dominique Raynaud2,Jean-Marc Barnola2,Hubertus Fischer3,Valérie Masson-Delmotte4 andJean Jouzel4
Science 25 November 2005: Vol. 310 no. 5752 pp. 1313-1317

"By shifting the time scales of the entire CO2 and deuterium (proportional to temperature) records between 390 and 650 kyr B.P. relative to each other, we obtained the best correlation for a lag of CO2 of 1900 years."

The Telegraph - Sun Causes Climate Change Shock August 27th, 2011 by James Delingpole -
The Sun controls cloud formation -> global temperature

Heaven and Earth: Global Warming, the Missing Science by Ian Plimer (2009) - Global Warming is not true.

Feb 2012
After watching a couple of on line videos about growth, it's clear that for a sustainable human existence on Earth the population growth rate will be zero or negative.  This will happen either by human controlled means or by natural means.  The reason is that the Earth can not support an ever increasing number of humans.  All other animals have a population that's in balance with nature and humans are not an exception.
The Most IMPORTANT Video You'll Ever See by Dr. Albert A. Bartlett - this is a talking head video with some illustrative slides.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8
M. King Hubbert (Wiki) is cited in both of the above two videos for his prediction about peak oil. - this is an antimated version of the Barlett video with some added items, like the economy.  Highley recomended.

End War

Not only the ongoing wars but also things like "the war on drugs". The idea is to end the concept of war.  That's not to say disband the military, we still need the ability to defend ourselves.  Not only would this save a lot of lives and reduce the huge amount of property damage it would stop the financial drain on our economy.  If we are going to war over oil (I haven't heard any government official say this) then does it make sense to spend the dollars as we are not or used them to both buy some oil and to develop ways to both reduce our consumption and develop alternatives.

I've come to realize that everything that would be called a crime under normal circumstances goes un punished in a combat zone.  The only exception would be when there's a witness who spends a lot of effort to try and get some justice.  To a lesser degree this is the case on overseas U.S. bases (Chalmers "secret shame" except it applies not to just rape but to all of what otherwise would be considered crimes and even to things like traffic violations).   This means that things like Blackwater "civilian contractors" who hose down civilians out the back of their SUV on a public highways get away with it because there are no police to arrest them and no civilian is going to try to pull them over and make a citizens arrect.  If a civilian did the same thing they also would get away with it.

I think we need to get all American troops out of all foreign countries.  This includes bases on foreign soil.

Fix the Economy

This may require repealing bad legislation (Ref4a), reforming the monetary system, etc.  It seems that Obama administration has brought in key Wall Street executives (Ref10) and none of the criminals involved in the 2008 meltdown has been sent to jail (with the exception of a Florida banker on the fringes of the mess).  Prior to the melt down Eliot Spitzer saw that there was criminal activity and was bringing cases against the criminals, but the Bush administration used character assassination to get him off thier backs. (Ref12).

Monetary Reform

I think this is the most critical of all the economic problems (and maybe the most important problem of all the problems).  It's much more important than what tax method is used for the federal government or the details of the tax rate schedule.  (I've moved the prior research to a separate web page Monetary Reform).

Many of the policies of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) are based on the Chicago School of economics as promoted by Milton Freeman.  They are big on Economic liberalism (Wiki) which leads to economic inequality.

The current monetary system is resulting is a very large disparity in income levels (Wiki: Economic Inequality).   It's common that in third world countries there are two classes, the very rich and the very poor.  This is associated with human rights violations and poor conditions for most people.  The below figure is from the Wiki Economic Inequality web page.  You can see the U.S. is as bad as Sub-Saharan Africa or China.
Gini Coefficient
          World CIA Report 2009
On the Wiki page List of countries by income equality you can click at the top of the columns to sort the table by that column.  When you click on the UN R/P 10% column (The ratio of the average income of the richest 10% is to the poorest 10%) Japan is #1 at 4.5 and the U.S. is not in the top 10% and is at 15.9, not as bad as Bolivia at 93.9.  no matter which metric you look at.  And it's getting worse.  The effect of the liberal economic policies that started with R. Reagan are continuing to cause more income disparity.

24 Aug 2011 - The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein (2007) - She makes the case that "the Chicago School" i.e. Milton Friedman - was behind the human rights violations in many places: Algeria,Argentina,Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China (Tienanmen Square -"it wasn't Communism he was protecting with his crackdown, but Capitalism."), hurricane Katrina, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Southern Cone (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay), South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay.  I remember learning that the guns along the Berlin Wall were pointing into their country to keep people from leaving, not to the neighboring countries.  That's to say that force was needed to keep the people in the country.  This book is saying that force in the form of government terrorism is needed for "Chicago School" capitalism to work.

23 Aug 2011 - After the Great Depression of 1929 (Wiki) and the Recession of 1937-1938 (Wiki) a lot of thought was put into fixing the economy and in 1939 A Program for Monetary Reform (Wiki) was written and circulated to 318 economists. 
General Approval 235
Approved with some reservations 40
Disapproval 43
Of what I've read it makes sense today and I expect it's the basis of the reforms that are being proposed today.
" Under the fractional reserve system any attempt to pay off the Government debt, whether by decreasing Government expenditures or by increasing taxation, threatens to bring about deflation and depression."

American Monetary Institute - The Need For Monetary Reform
"The power to create money is an awesome power – at times stronger than the Executive, Legislative and Judicial powers combined. . . .Thus the money issuing power should never be alienated from democratically elected government and placed ambiguously into private hands as it is in America in the Federal Reserve System today. . . . Much of our leadership is acting like patsies, instead of protecting our people as the financiers rape America. . . Private money creation through “fractional reserve” banking fosters an unprecedented concentration of wealth which destroys the democratic process and ultimately promotes military imperialism....The American Society of Civil Engineers gives a D grade to our infrastructure and says it will soon be a D-; and estimates that $2.2 trillion is needed to bring it to safe levels over the next 5 years!   That fact alone shows the world’s dominant money system to be a major failure crying for reform."  There are three things needed, and all three are required, anything less will not work:
1.    incorporate the Federal Reserve System into the U.S. Treasury
2.    end the fractional reserve system
3.    spend new money into circulation on 21st century eco-friendly infrastructure and energy sources, including the education and healthcare needed for a growing and improving society, starting with the $2.2 trillion that the Civil Engineers estimate is needed for infrastructure repair
YouTube - American Monetary Institute -

18 Aug 2011 - It may be that the philosophy put forth by Project for the New American Century now called Foreign Policy Initiative calls for a Milton Friedman (Wiki) style free market system where there's no goverment control. Friedman advised Ronald Reagan.  It appears that almost all the presidents since have bought into this idea.

The web page Monetary Reform has details about The Money Masters.
Monetary reform is a large part of fixing the economy, but as of Aug 2011 I haven't figured it out.  The proposed solution put forth in the video
The Money Masters
(Google Video)
Involves getting rid of the Federal Reserve system.  This has huge benefits:
But their proposed monetary reform may have problems related to the rate of money supply growth ( a fixed percentage, tied to population growth, or tied to GDP growth, or. . . ?)  It also has problems related tothe  federal spending rate.  For example between 2000 and 2010 the federal debt increased 139% for the decade while the population increased 9.7% for the decade.  If a fixed 3% per year is built into the monetary reform then it caps federal spending, or without the cap there is inflation.

Tax Rate

When Reagan came to office the Laffer Curve (Wiki) was presented.  At that time the marginal tax rate for the wealthy was in the 80% to 90% range.   I had a neighbor who was buying tax losses, i.e. he paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to get maybe twice that in tax losses.  For every dollar of tax loss he could generate he got to keep 90 cents.  The idea then was that by lowering the marginal tax rate for the wealthy the government would collect more taxes.  It worked.
The Laffer Curve then (1980) and
                  now (2011)
In 1980 when Reagan said that lowering the tax rate would bring in more money, most people (including today's Republicans) did not understand why he said that.

It was because of the Laffer Curve (Wiki) says lowering the tax rate will increase income IF THE TAX RATE IS ABOVE THE OPTIMAL RATE (t* in the graph at left).

In 1980 the marginal tax rate (what rich people paid on their next dollar earned) that lowering the rate did bring in more money to the government.

Today (2011) the marginal tax rate is very low and maintaining it or lowering it will only bring in less money.  It needs to be raised.

I think we are now on the other side of the curve, i.e. the marginal tax rate is too low, so raising the tax rate for rich Americans will stimulate the economy and increase government revenues.
Sam -  A New Year’s Resolution for the Rich -
NYT - Buffett’s Plan to Tax the Rich
NYT - Stop Coddling the Super-Rich by Warren E. Buffett: August 14, 2011

Income or Consumption Tax

Income Tax

The current federal income tax is extremely complex, to the point that it's beyond comprehension.  The cost of compliance, i.e. all the record keeping, accounting people, legal people, etc. that are required to meet these complex laws in and of themselves cost billions of dollars each year.  But after all the deductions you really are paying what amounts to a consumption tax, like a sales tax.  Income tax discourages savings two ways.  First you have less money to save after paying income tax and second any interest you do make will be taxed lowering the rate of return.

Consumption Taxes

Consumption taxes are regressive, that's to say they penalize people with lower incomes since the tax is a much larger percentage of their total income.  If there was a national consumption tax the regressive nature could be overcome by a rebate system.

Consumption taxes encourage saving since you don't pay tax until you withdraw the money and spend it.

The advantages are:  The current cost of compliance is eliminated putting a huge amount of money back into productive use.  Criminal profits are now taxed.  In the current income tax system criminals do not report their income, mainly so keep from being caught for the crime, but that also has the effect of making their income tax free.  But when they buy something they pay consumption taxs.  Products are more competitive when exported because there's no income tax built into the pricing and exported products are exempt from sales or VAT taxes helping the international balance of payments.

Types of Consumption Taxes (Wiki)

Sales Tax 

The advantage of a national sales tax (Wiki: Sales Tax) is that most states are now collecting a state sales and could also collect the national sales tax.  A rebate system needs to be setup.

The FairTax (Wiki: FairTax) is a sales tax .  One of it's problems is that the rebate schedule is in terms of fixed dollars, and all the government schemes where this is done have a problem since our current monetary system has build in inflation.  After not that many years the dollar values are no longer revalent.

Value Added Tax

Value Added Tax (Wiki: VAT) charges a sales tax on that part of a products value which was added by the current manufacturer.  It's used in the European Union.

Excise Tax

Excise taxes (Wiki) are sales taxes that only apply to certain types of goods.  There have been proposals to tax for things like carbon use to add a financial cost to polution.

Government Credit Rating

There has been a political battle that's erupted over the spending limit, whereas in the past this was never of concern.  As a result Standard & Poor's has downgraded it's rating of the U.S. (6 Aug 2011)  for the following reasons (see thier web page):
  • We have lowered our long-term sovereign credit rating on the United States of America to 'AA+' from 'AAA' and affirmed the 'A-1+' short-term
  • We have also removed both the short- and long-term ratings from CreditWatch negative.
  • The downgrade reflects our opinion that the fiscal consolidation plan that Congress and the Administration recently agreed to falls short of
    what, in our view, would be necessary to stabilize the government's medium-term debt dynamics.
  • More broadly, the downgrade reflects our view that the effectiveness, stability, and predictability of American policymaking and political
    institutions have weakened at a time of ongoing fiscal and economic challenges to a degree more than we envisioned when we assigned a
    negative outlook to the rating on April 18, 2011.
  • Since then, we have changed our view of the difficulties in bridging the gulf between the political parties over fiscal policy, which makes us
    pessimistic about the capacity of Congress and the Administration to be able to leverage their agreement this week into a broader fiscal
    consolidation plan that stabilizes the government's debt dynamics any time soon.
  • The outlook on the long-term rating is negative. We could lower the long-term rating to 'AA' within the next two years if we see that less
    reduction in spending than agreed to, higher interest rates, or new fiscal pressures during the period result in a higher general government
    debt trajectory than we currently assume in our base case.
Remember this is the same firm that rated the junk CDOs as AAA when they were really junk (FFFF).
The Daily Show - Law professor John Coffee explains why major credit rating agencies inflated their ratings and how they contributed to America's financial collapse.

 Health Care for Everyone

This requires repealing the existing bills and making a new one that works. 

Reform Lobbying, PAC & Campaign Laws, etc.

It's clear that by lobbying, those with the money can buy laws. This must be put to an end. (Ref10)

Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

Using an aircraft with a pilot and any type of bomb is obsolete except for a very small number of uses in war.  The problem, even with a very smart bomb, is that there will be civilian deaths (collateral damage).  Even the current Predator UAV (Wiki) bombs are resulting in civilian deaths.

Countdown to Zero (IMDB) 2010 - Makes the case that even though the odds are verry small that a nuke will be detonated the destruction it would cause is so high that it's not worth the risk.

Russia in the 1960s = U.S. Today

In school we learned that the Russian news (Wiki: Pravda means Truth) was really propaganda (Fox News).  The people were called the Proletariat (Wiki: is a term used to identify a lower social class, usually the working class; a member of such a class is proletarian.)  Currently in the U.S. virtually all the wealth is held by a few percent of the population (Wiki: Bourgeoisie) so the rest of us are the Proletariat.

The Politburo (Wiki) put on a show in their public sessions and made the laws behind closed doors (U.S. Congress).  The Congress spends it's working hours naming post offices, writing letters of commendation to sports teams, etc.  Nothing of substance.

The U.S.S.R. came apart not too long after that. If we really are like them then the U.S. federal government may dissolve and each state may become it's own country.  That would mean an end to the IRS, Social Security Administration, Army, Air Force, Navy, etc.  The states could pick up the SSA and just let the rest cease to exist.


The problem is that congress is split on party lines and has become ineffective.  This is the key thing that needs to be fixed and the reason for this web page.
Rolling Stone - Politics - Matt Taibbi - The Great Derangement: A Terrifying True Story of War, Politics, and Religion - points out the congress today looks just like the U.S.S.R. government in the 1960s.   That's so say if you visit during any day what you see is a post office getting renamed, a sports team congratulated, etc.  just show for the American proletariat (Wiki).  The real business is conducted out of the sight of the public.


The executive branch has been on a power grab for decades and now has amassed way too much power and in addition seems to be immune from control by the other branches. That the president can take the country to war and there's seems nothing that anyone can do is a disgrace.
See: Imperial Presidency (Ref15)  there are 47 recomendations in the


The U.S. Constitution puts the three branches of government in the order I have used here.  That's to say the most important branch is the legislative because it is responsible to the people every couple of years.  The executive every four years.  And last, the judicial.  Congress is literally given constitutional authority to override the supreme court to keep them in check, but that's not happening.  Again the problem is the ineffectiveness of congress.
See Supreme Court: Corporate Personhood, the Bush-Gore decision

The Dept. of Justice was taken over by the Bush presidency (Ref15) and as far as I know is still under the thumb of the Obama presidency, i.e. the federal prosecutor's office is under the control of the White House.  Although done post 9/11 to allow illegial wire taps, it's since been used to protect the Wall Street crooks responsible for the 2008 meltdown (Ref4).

Repeal Patriot Acts

The Patriot Acts (Wiki) are in viloation of the U.S. Constitution and must be repealed.


Here are some quotations by famous people related to education. (Psychology Today).  The "E" in stands for Education and they have a large number of talks (typically limited to 18 minutes or less) about education.  The PNAC idea is to privatize the school system by opening Charter Schools (Wiki) which work by means of vouchers (Wiki).


Friday 13 Jan 2012 - the downtown Ukiah, CA post office will be shut down tomorrow because of the Bush43 privatize everything movement.  The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 (Wiki) includes a poison pill that is intended to force the U.S.P.S. into bankruptcy.

Milton Friedman (Wiki) in his book Free to Choose 
1980 (ISBN: 0-15-133481-1)makes the following case aginst government spending on page 116.
Whose Money
Someone Else's
1. Spending your money on yourself.  Strong incentive to get the best deal and to get full value for the money.
2. Spending your money on someone else.  Strong incentive to economize by not so strong for full value.
3. Spending someone else s money on yourself.  No incentive to economize but a strong incentive to get full value.
4. Spending someone else s money on someone else.  No incentive to economize and no incentive to get full value.

The fallacy in this is that private business is not one of the options.  In a video from his TV series Free To Choose, episode "How to Stay Free" on privatization Milton Friedman tries to make a case that the Post Office should be privatized starts in at 21 minutes.  The claim is that a private business was offering a lower cost service than the U.S.P.S. but were put out of business by them because the U.S.P.S. is a government monopoly.  BUT . . . they don't give any details.

In my opinion there's no way a private company can be cost effective competing with the U.S.P.S. for First Class mail. There's no way they can do a custom pickup and custom delivery for the cost of a First Class stamp.  I do think they can compete with the U.S.P.S. Express Mail service (as does FedEx and UPS) with a 9x12 envelope. But this segment does not say that and would give the average person the idea that a private business can compete in the First Class mail market, which they can not.

So, for some things, like the post office or health care, a government run monopoly can provide a service at a cost that way below a private business.  For example each year I ship thousands of packages that weigh 2 ounces. Here are the costs to do this:
Shipping Carrier
Lowest Cost Option
$  1.71
$ 11.40
$ 10.36

FedEx and UPS may offer better service, but it comes at a price.  I'm very sure the cost of medical care has a similar relationship, that's to say the Obama Care mandates that you use a private medical provider and with that comes a profit for them resulting in much higher cost for the same service.  The same goes for the cost of medicine.

OK, now in the table above would you rather have the U.S.P.S as an option, or would you rather be free to choose between UPS and FedEx?

I think the move to privatize everything is being driven by big business that sees it as a new profit center.


Note that most of these not only address the topic of the reference, but also address some of the other topics so it's a good idea to take in all of them.

1 On the Overall Problem

This is a MUST watch video interview.
PBS - Bill Moyers Journal - WEB EXCLUSIVE: Glenn Greenwald - Transcript - Glenn Greenwald -

2 On the need for an educated electorate

Letter from Thomas Jefferson to Richard Price, Jan. 8. 1789.
"... wherever the people are well informed they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights."

Rolling Stone - Al Gore: Climate of Denial
"We haven't gone nuts — but the "conversation of democracy" has become so deeply dysfunctional that our ability to make intelligent collective decisions has been seriously impaired. Throughout American history, we relied on the vibrancy of our public square — and the quality of our democratic discourse — to make better decisions than most nations in the history of the world. But we are now routinely making really bad decisions that completely ignore the best available evidence of what is true and what is false. When the distinction between truth and falsehood is systematically attacked without shame or consequence — when a great nation makes crucially important decisions on the basis of completely false information that is no longer adequately filtered through the fact-checking function of a healthy and honest public discussion — the public interest is severely damaged."

3 On Presidents Lying to their own people

Why Leaders Lie: The Truth About Lying in International Politics, written by John J. Mearsheimer - Has a number of examples of U.S. Presidents lying to the voters, FDR (W.W.II), Johnson (Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (Wiki) based on lies) , Bush (reasons for 2003 Iraq war).
Bulworth (IMDB) - A suicidally disillusioned liberal politician puts a contract out on himself and takes the opportunity to be bluntly honest with his voters by affecting the rhythms and speech of hip-hop music and culture.
Wag the Dog (IMDB) - Before elections, a spin-doctor and a Hollywood producer join efforts to "fabricate" a war in order to cover-up a presidential sex scandal.

4 On the Economy


The economy is best understood by looking what the big money guys have paid for and expect.  It has nothing to do with Democratic or Republican rhetoric.  The president and congress are whores who provide favors to those who can pay the price.

16 Aug 2011 - Since the reason for the Iraq was was the cabal known as PNAC the economic mess may be due to a similar cabal whose interest is in the economy.

Debt Ceiling

The potential problem is that the U.S. credit rating will be lowered.  But you may ask, who makes those ratings?  Answer:  Why the same rating companies that said Collateralize Dept Obligations were AAA, that's correct Moodys and Standard & Poors (Wiki: Credit rating agencies and the subprime crisis). So there really was no problem, yet the news media cried WOLF WOLF THE SKY IS GOING TO FALL and since they said there was an impending crisis there must have been one.

In the movie "Shipping News" (IMDB) :

Now, you'll have to start by making up some headlines. You know? Short, punchy, dramatic headlines.
Now, have a look.  What do you see?  Tell me the headline.

Horizon Fills with Dark Clouds.

Imminent Storm Threatens Village.

But what if no storm comes?

Village Spared from Deadly Storm.

This is to say that the news business, as forecast in the movie "Network" (IMDB), is an entertainment business and they get more sales if the story frightens their audience.  This is universally the case.

Rolling Stone - Debt Ceiling Deal: The Democrats Take a Dive Aug 1, 2011 - "The Democrats aren't failing to stand up to Republicans and failing to enact sensible reforms that benefit the middle class because they genuinely believe there's political hay to be made moving to the right. They're doing it because they do not represent any actual voters. I know I've said this before, but they are not a progressive political party, not even secretly, deep inside. They just play one on television.".

 "And what does that mean? Who spends hundreds of millions of dollars for what looks, on the outside, like rank incompetence?  It strains the imagination to think that the country's smartest businessmen keep paying top dollar for such lousy performance. Is it possible that by "surrendering" at the 11th hour and signing off on a deal that presages deep cuts in spending for the middle class, but avoids tax increases for the rich, Obama is doing exactly what was expected of him?"

The two very real bad aspects of the national debt are:
1) there is a huge interest cost that gets paid to the Federal Reserve - See seperate web page Monetary Reform
2) One way or another it translates into inflation.

Inside Job
written & Directed by Charles Ferguson (IMDB) - Charles Ferguson's Oscar Speech Rips Wall Street: 'Inside Job' Director Levels Criticism During Acceptance- Obama has not punished the criminals and has put Wall Street men in positions of power.

Rolling Stone - Politics - Matt Taibbi - The Great Derangement: A Terrifying True Story of War, Politics, and Religion- makes clear that in 2006, when the Democrats had control of both houses, they did not pursue their own stated goals.

Obama's New SEC Chief: In Through the Revolving Door -

The People vs. Goldman Sachs -
Testimony, Goldman-Style; A Tour Through the Levin Report -
Carl Levin ( U.S. Senator: Michigan) Financial Crisis: Anatomy of a Financial Collapse.pdf -

Wall Street's Bailout Hustle - Goldman Sachs and other big banks aren't just pocketing the trillions we gave them to rescue the economy — they're re-creating the conditions for another crash

Alternatives to the fractional reserve system not dependent on money as debt...
Obama’s Original Sin - "There has been no legal, moral, or financial reckoning for the most powerful wrongdoers. Nor have there been meaningful reforms that might prevent a repeat catastrophe. "
Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? -
  • "companies like AIG, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley",
  • "That's the way it's supposed to work. But a veritable mountain of evidence indicates that when it comes to Wall Street, the justice system (DOJ) not only sucks at punishing financial criminals, it has actually evolved into a highly effective mechanism for protecting financial criminals."
  • "Meanwhile, in a demonstration of the government's priorities, the Justice Department is proceeding full force with a prosecution of retired baseball player Roger Clemens for lying to Congress about getting a shot of steroids in his ass."
  • "The SEC's enforcement director was saying, in essence, that firms like Goldman Sachs and AIG and Lehman Brothers will henceforth be able to get the SEC to act as a middleman between them and the Justice Department, negotiating fines as a way out of jail time."
  • "As for President Obama, what is there to be said? Goldman Sachs was his number-one private campaign contributor. He put a Citigroup executive in charge of his economic transition team, and he just named an executive of JP Morgan Chase, the proud owner of $7.7 million in Chase stock, his new chief of staff."
  • "Illegal immigrants: 393,000. Lying moms: one. Bankers: zero.  You want to win elections, you bang on the jailable class. You build prisons and fill them with people for selling dime bags and stealing CD players. But for stealing a billion dollars? For fraud that puts a million people into foreclosure? Pass. It's not a crime. Prison is too harsh."

Confidential Federal Audits Accuse Five Biggest Mortgage Firms Of Defrauding Taxpayers - a case has been turned over to the DOJ, but according to the Imperial Presitent (Ref 15) investigation the president's office has gutted the DOJ, so I expect nothing will happen.

The Daily Show - The Obama Downgrade with Larry Wilmore


Taibbi on Olbermann: SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes By Matt Taibbi August 20, 2011

Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes? By Matt Taibbi August 17, 2011

Document Shredding: Why SEC's Defense Won't Fly By Matt Taibbi August 19, 2011

Just so readers understand, the SEC in my communications with them on this story drew a distinction between the words records and documents. According to the SEC, they do maintain "records" of Matters Under Inquiry, and by that they appear to mean the line-item entries of the sort Darcy Flynn forwarded to members of congress, an example of which might be:

Party                     MUI #                    Open                     Close     `           Issue

Wells Fargo         MSF-03174         8/24/07             10/23/07        Fraud /Issuer Disc.

Testimony, Goldman-Style; A Tour Through the Levin Report     Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? 

The People vs. Goldman Sachs By Matt Taibbi May 11, 2011
A Senate committee has laid out the evidence. Now the Justice Department should bring criminal charges
...but that won't happen because the DOJ has been corrupted to be an arm of the office of the president


Under the Bush administration the DOJ was hijacked and made a subsidiary of the office of the president.
See: Section 1 Politicization of the DOJ in the House Committee on the Judiciary Majority Staff Report to Chairman John Conyers, Jr. Jan 2009 (Ref 15)  It looks like Obama has continued this practice.

Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? By Matt Taibbi February 16, 2011
Financial crooks brought down the world's economy — but the feds are doing more to protect them than to prosecute them


Obama has exempted the SEC from FOIA requests as part of H.R. 4173 - Dodd-Frank, see: SEC & Wall Street Fraud documents (Ref4a)
So Dodd-Frank becomes part of the cover up, not a fix.


The Banking Act of 1933 aka. Glass-Stegall Act (Wiki) - contains provisions concerning Commercial vs. Investment Banking
1980 by the Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act (Wiki) - first step in removing the checks and balances
The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (Public Law 106-102) (Wiki) 1999 - Removed some of the protections of the Glass-Stegall Act and opened the door to the economic meltdown of 2008.  Note the words "too big to fail" are here, i.e. this act came with a guarantee for the banks.
Boxer (D-CA), Nay
Feinstein (D-CA), Yea
Thompson (CA) , Yea

Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 (Wiki) - Enron Loophole & allows the bundling of home mortgages into unregulated derivatives
The real hunger games: How banks gamble on food prices – and the poor lose out
In addition to allowing banks to gamble on food it may also allow the gambling on oil prices and other commodities.

H.R. 4173 - Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 (Wiki) - They tried to close the loopholes created by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, but it didn't work.  It's my understanding that any "international" bank is exempt (all the big banks are international).
Note:  Dodd-Frank section 929 has a provision that exempts the SEC from Freedom of Information Act requests.
Boxer (D-CA), Yea
Feinstein (D-CA), Yea
Thompson (CA), Yea

It looks like the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act needs to be repealed in it's entirety.

Credit Rating agency regulation - The Daily Show - John Coffee - Al Franken - talks about his new book, "The Truth (with jokes),

Monetary System

For a long time most of the world operated on the Gold Standard (Wiki).  The UK left the Gold Standard in 1931 because of the expense of W.W. I which was the beginning of the decline of the Gold Standard.  To pay for their purchases of U.S. munitions for W.W.II the UK could not afford to go back on the gold standard so the International Monetary Fund (Wiki: IMF) was setup to control the exchange rates for transactions between countries using the Bretton Woods system (Wiki).  It used the Gold based U.S. dollar as the currency of international trade.  The expense of the Vietnam war depleted the U.S. gold so in 1971 Richard Nixon ended the Gold Standard for the U.S.  At the time one of the key arguments against the Gold Standard was that the total amount of Gold in the world was not increasing to match the Gross World Product.  That's to say that as the value of the world increased the money supply could not follow. 

The Gold Standard put a limit on the Fractional-reserve banking (Wiki) although it was not a hard limit.  This means that a bank need not have reserves that are 100% of the money it loans, but rather the bank only needs to have some fraction of the money it loans.  Essentially money is generated whenever someone borrows money.  This is what amounts to a Ponzi Scheme (Wiki) in that the debt can never be paid back for all the loans. Another way of looking at it is to say that if all the loans were paid back there would be no money in circulation.

As you can see major wars cost so much that they require major changes in the economic system to pay for them.  We're now in the middle of the most expensive war in history, and it's no surprise that we're in big economic trouble.  Some of it is caused by the Wall Street collapse of 2008 (Wiki: TARP), but that's the tip of the iceberg.  Fixing the Wall Street problems needs to be done, but that's not enough to fix the economy.  Note the Bush wars were financed "off the books".  It's not clear to me where the money is coming from?

The monetary system has been inflationary for all of it's existence and that rewards borrowers and punishes savers.  When you borrow money and pay it back in inflated money you are ahead.  If you put enough money into a savings account to buy a new car and in ten years withdraw that money and the interest it earned  you no longer will be able to buy an equivalent car, i.e. you've lost buying power because of inflation.  Worse, if you put cash under your mattress as time goes by you will loose more buying power.  China has a high savings rate, but the U.S. has a very low savings rate that's made worse by taxing the interest that's paid to the saver.

Social Security

It was sold on the idea that while working you made contributions and when you retired you got benefits.  This is really a Ponzi Scheme (Wiki) that would be illegal if offered by a private business.  It pays benefits not based on what those people paid into the system plus interest, but by taxing the income of those workers who are not yet receiving benefits.  Starting with the baby boom the payments into the system far exceeded the expenses and the fund grew.  But in 1977 Jimmy Carter established the Social Security Trust Fund (Wiki) that formalized the Ponzi aspect of the system, i.e. there was no need to maintain a fund for future use, just tax the current workers to pay for the current expenses.  As the baby boomers start to retire the smaller work force will need to pay more to fund the benefit payments.  The effect of the Trust Fund is to weaken the system.

If you look at Denmark they are one of the best countries in terms of taking care of their citizens, but it comes at the price of an overall effective tax rate near 50%.  Sure, everyone would like to have a lot of benefits and pay a minimal amount for them, but that's just not realistic. 

5 On Obama's Health Care

It's my understanding the Obama Care:
1) Requires everybody (except congressmen who have their own government medical plan) to have private medical insurance
2) Requires the medical insurance companies to accept everyone.  This means their costs go up so they need to increase the rates.
3) There is no provision about the rates the insurance companies charge or what amount of profit they can make.

PBS - Frontline - Obama's DealWatch the Full Program On Line "A sobering look at the push to reform health care, revealing the realities of American politics, the power of special interest groups and the role of money in policy making."
My pages: H.R. 3590 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act & the reconciliation bill

My doctor (and I've talked to friends who are hearing the same thing) and he's very unhappy with Medicare.  Essentially it's broken.

Obama’s Medicare hypocrisy - "Obama’s (2011 proposed budget) cuts, which will take effect immediately, are to be administered by his newly created Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) of 15 members appointed by the president. Its recommendations for cuts in Medicare services or for reductions in reimbursement will not be subject to congressional approval but will take effect by administrative fiat. Right now."  This would dismantle Medicare.  Maybe this is how he's going to pay for his wars?

The Independent Payment Advisory Board (Wiki) is appointed by the President.  That means it's members are going to be selected to further the current political parties goals, a very bad thing in my opinion.

The current way insurance companies work does not allow for competition.  For example the "usual and standard fee" is the starting point for what the insurance company is going to pay.  So it's common that a new doctor will charge a lot more than an established doctor, so the new doctor gets paid a lot more than the established doctor just because his fee schedule can be written on a blank piece of paper.  You can see that's not fair and it's wasteful.  Medicare provides it's services at a much lower cost.

July 9, 2011 - a friend and a number of coworkers have had to drop their Medicare supplement insurance provider and go to Kaiser because the cost to maintain their old insurance became way too high. (Tip if you have Kaiser)

July 2011 - The southern California grocery workers can no longer afford their medical insurance and are talking about a strike.
Getting Health Reform Over the Finish Line - "So how much higher do premiums have to rise until we do something about it?  How many more Americans have to lose their health insurance?  How many more businesses have to drop coverage?" - Well he's now made this into law, so " it is what the American people deserve".

6 On War (Wiki

Wiki says: "War is a state of organized, armed and often prolonged conflict carried on between states, nations, or other parties[1][2] typified by extreme aggression, societal disruption, and usually high mortality."

Merriam-Webster says:
 " a (1) : a state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations
: a period of such armed conflict
(3) : state of war -
a : a state of actual armed hostilities regardless of a formal declaration of war
  Article I, Section 8, Clause 11of the U.S. Constitution "War Powers Clause" - "Congress shall have Power...] To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;" - but the office of the President has usurped Congress and has put us in wars like the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam era, etc.

The official Obama position on Libya is contained in the United States Activities in Libya paper delivered to Cogress 6-15-11. 
I'm trying to locate an official copy of the paper.
There is a section titled: Legal Analysis and Administration Support for Bipartisan Resolution starting on page 25 which says:

Legal Analysis and Administration Support for Bipartisan Resolution

Given the important U.S. interests served by U.S. military operations in Libya and the limited nature, scope and duration of the anticipated actions, the President had constitutional authority, as Commander in Chief and Chief Executive and pursuant to his foreign affairs powers, to direct such limited military operations abroad. The President is of the view that the current U.S. military operations in Libya are consistent with the War Powers Resolution and do not under that law require further congressional authorization, because U.S. military operations are distinct from the kind of “hostilities” contemplated by the Resolution’s 60 day termination provision. U.S. forces are playing a constrained and supporting role in a multinational coalition, whose operations are both legitimated by and limited to the terms of a United Nations Security Council Resolution that authorizes the use of force solely to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under attack or threat of attack and to enforce a no-fly zone and an arms embargo. U.S. operations do not involve sustained fighting or active exchanges of fire with hostile forces, nor do they involve the presence of U.S. ground troops, U.S. casualties or a serious threat thereof, or any significant chance of escalation into a conflict characterized by those factors.

The U.N. Security Council resulution 1973 does limit the actions to the establishment of a no fly zone, there's no provision for bombing.
The current war on Libya has me confused.  The UN resolution 1973 talks of a No Fly Zone, yet in the news reports I'm hearing of bombing of the presidential palace.  A no fly zone is typically enforced using the Airborne Warning And Control System (AWACS) to vector fighters to targets.  Since the range of air-to-air missiles is very long there's no danger to the fighters from the aircraft.  There is a danger from ground-to-air missiles, but the counter to that is air-to-ground missiles that are specifically designed to take out surface-to-air weapon systems.  So why the use of bombs?  Why go to war?  The U.S. is not under attack from Libya, a requirement, according to Obama, for going to war.

I've heard Obama has defined war to include Americana's being killed, but have not found a source document to back that up.
YouTube - Obama Violated US Constitution, Libya War is Abuse of Power & Betrayal of People's Trust -
Libya: Congressmen Sue Obama In Federal Court Over - Dennis Kucinich - Suit Document
Rand Paul & Dennis Kucinich Talk About Obama Libya Lawsuit On CNN 
October 2, 2007 Obama speech supporting the Constitution and War Power Act.
BBC - Libya conflict: UN accuses both sides of war crimes -
WSJ - Germany abstains from UN vote on Libyan war -
White House - Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney, 5/11/2011
     Q    On NATO, the stepped-up attacks in Libya, what is the President’s role in that?  There are U.S. drones at the very least involved in that. Has the President been involved in this decision to step up attacks in Libya?
     MR. CARNEY:  We are a member of the coalition; we’re obviously a member of NATO --
     Q    But has the President been personally involved in that?
     MR. CARNEY:  It depends on what you mean by “personally involved.”  He’s briefed regularly on it and in some detail, but he’s obviously not -- the United States is not taking the lead in this mission, so he’s not playing a lead role in that sense.  We believe that NATO is fully capable and is proving itself fully capable of fulfilling the mandate of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973, and believe that, as we've said in the past, if that mission is successfully accomplished in protecting civilians, enforcing an arms embargo, enforcing a no-fly zone, and the other measures that are being taken -- the non-military measures that have been taken by the United States and the international community continue to have an impact, that Muammar Qaddafi’s days are numbered.
President Obama's Speech on Libya (March 28, 2011) - (0:0) Tonight I'd like to brief the American people on the international effort that we have lead in Libya."   (1:30) "When our interests and values are at stake" (20:00) "There will be times though, when our safety is not directly threatened but our interests and our values are."
 i.e. they have not attacked us or any NATO signatory, so there's no NATO requirement for a war.  And this is not about terrorism.  What's he's saying as a reason would allow the U.S. to go to war with more than half the World.

U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 clause 6 calls for a No Fly Zone (the document references Resolution 1970 - puts in force an arms embargo (pra. 9 - 14), A travel ban (pra. 15 & 16), an asset freeze (pra. 17 -21), boilerplate (pra. 22 & 23), New Sanctions Committee (pra. 24 & 25) and Humanitarian Assistance (pra. 26).

TED Talk Rory Stewart: Time to end the war in Afghanistan - a MUST Watch! Rory Stewart is a member of the UK House of Commons.
For years we've been told that this is the year that decisive change will occur, but it never does and he says it never will if we keep doing the same thing.
He says the level of U.S. spending plus the number of troops in Afghanistan is a real problem and that our concepts of what might happen are very wrong.
In regard to Libya he says (what I've already said on this page) is that the U.S. should have stayed with the U.N. no fly zone, but instead we have move into an illegitimate regime change mode which is a mistake.
Rory Stewart's web page - mainly related to his House of Commons position.

Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews -- A History by James Carroll - both a book and movie (IMDB).  How the broad sword became the symbol of Christianity (the cross) & how the New Testament is the cause of the Holocaust.
No End In Sight (2003 Iraq War) written & Directed by Charles Ferguson (IMDB) - the lying & dissension are covered, but the the real reason for the war.
Blackwater: The rise of the world's most powerful mercenary army by Jeremy Scahill - Makes clear the connection between Christian Soldiers and government
Green Zone (IMDB) - on the DVD Special Features you can get a feeling for how soldiers follow their leader. 
The same thing can be seen in the TV Series Carrier (IMDB) and that during the Iraq war the U.S. Navy was protecting the Iraq owned off shore oil platforms.

Obama rejects top lawyers' legal views on Libya -
2 Top Lawyers Lost to Obama in Libya War Policy Debate

The United States of America Has Gone Mad by John le Carré  Published on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 by the Times/UK
Has to do with the religious beliefs of heads of state.
"The religious cant that will send American troops into battle is perhaps the most sickening aspect of this surreal war-to-be. Bush has an arm-lock on God. And God has very particular political opinions. God appointed America to save the world in any way that suits America."
Howard Zinn: "Holy Wars" - there's no such thing as a good or holy war
Three Days of the Condor 1975 (IMDB) is based on the idea that the U.S. has an official plan to get oil if it's going to run out.  I have the U.S. House of Representatives law that was active at that time supporting that idea.
The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder by Vincent Bugliosi - he lied about why he declared war on Iraq. 
From Wiki: Murder
is the unlawful (or immoral) killing of another human being with "malice aforethought", and generally this state of mind distinguishes murder from other forms of unlawful homicide (such as manslaughter).  So, yes, he set out to kill Iraqis (and knew that Americans would also die).  It was unlawful.  Probably would get off as mentally unstable.

War on Drugs (Wiki)

When drug use is a crime, the users become victims of crime and can not go to the police since they would be arrested. 
Wiki: CIA Drug Trafficking
Wiki: Opium production in Afghanistan - U.S. soldiers ignore it as that's the U.S. policy
"Afghanistan is, as of March, 2010, the greatest illicit opium producer in the entire world, ahead of Burma (Myanmar) and the "Golden Triangle". Afghanistan is the main producer of opium in "Golden Crescent". Opium production in Afghanistan has been on the rise since U.S. occupation started in 2001."

1914 Harrison Narcotics Tax Act (Wiki) - regulated and taxed the production, importation, and distribution of opiates
1971 Nixon Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 (Wiki),
1973 Drug Enforcement Administration (Wiki: DEA)

BBC - June 2nd 2011: "THE WAR ON DRUGS HAS FAILED" say a 19-member commission including former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Mexico's former President Ernesto Zedillo, Brazil's ex-President Fernando Henrique Cardoso and former Colombian President Cesar Gaviria, as well as the former US Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker and the current Prime Minister of Greece George Papandreou. The panel also features prominent Latin American writers Carlos Fuentes and Mario Vargas Llosa, the EU's former foreign policy chief Javier Solana, and George Schultz, a former US secretary of state.

Where U.S. Bombs are Exploding July 2011:

NY Times - U.S. Is Intensifying a Secret Campaign of Yemen Airstrikes June 8, 2011 -
Huffington Post - U.S. Expands Its Drone War Into Somalia  07/2/2011 -
NY Times - Pakistan: Fatal Attacks by Drones June 27, 2011 -
NY Times - Afghan Strategy Has Loomed Over Obama Presidency June 22, 2011 - Several of the president’s advisers, including Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Rahm Emanuel, then the chief of staff, argued for a more scaled-back effort in Afghanistan that would focus on antiterrorism goals and make heavy use of remote-controlled drones and special forces.
NY Times - Allies Open Air Assault on Qaddafi’s Forces in Libya March 19, 2011 -

Prior U.S. Attacks

1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident (Wiki) - Johnson lied to Congress about the second attack.
 Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (Wiki) which brought the U.S. into the Vietnam war.
Why Leaders Lie by John J. Mearsheimer
1969 - 1970 Cambodia (Wiki)
1970s Joint Combined Exchange Training JCET (Wiki) - U.S. supplies equipment and training to foreign countries which is used to support dictators.
1977 - Russian Invasion of Afghanistan - The U.S. supports the mujaheddin (Wiki:Operation Cyclone)  This is the seed that lead to 9/11 (Wiki)
Charlie Wilson's War (IMDB)
1980 Iran-Iraq War (Wiki) - The U.S. funded and supported Iraq (Wiki), Bin Laden also helped the rebels fight the Communists
1982 Siege of Beirut by Israel (Wiki) - The U.S. supports Israel, Palestine and the rest of the region do not like Israel (Wiki)
When Osama bin Laden saw the religious towers fall down (probably on TV) he got the idea to bring down towers in the U.S. (Wiki)
The WTC was choosen as a target because they are the tallest towers and for no other reason.
The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 by Lawrence Wright
1985 Iran–Contra affair (Wiki) Nicaragua v. United States (Wiki) - International Court of Justice rules U.S. violated international law.
1985 Beirut car bombing (Wiki) - CIA detonated car bomb trying to kill an Islamic cleric, but kills 60 civilians and injures 200
1990 Gulf War (Wiki) - Iraq invades Kuait, U.S. and NATO drives them back.
1991 Santa Cruz massacre (Wiki) 250 East Timorese were killed
Caused the U.S. to stop support (Training  & equipment) of the East Timor government. (Wiki) (see 1970s above JECT)
1991 - 2003 Iraqi no-fly zones (Wiki) Operation Provide Comfort (Wiki), OPC II (Wiki), Operation Northern Watch (Wiki) Operation Southern Watch (Wiki)
Operation Southern Focus (Wiki)- U.S. attacks Iraq before the declaration of war
The U.S. never leaves after the Gulf War and has bases in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and on Aircraft Carriers
This is one of the things that Osama bin Laden really did not like.
1993 George H. W. Bush assassination attempt in Kuwait - based on analysis of the car bomb it was blamed on Iraq.
Clinton orders a missile strike on an Iraq secret service compound. (Wiki)
1996 shelling of Qana (Wiki) Israel shelled a UN compound (Israel and the U.S are allies).
1998 Al-Shifa pharmaceutical factory destroyed (Wiki - Wiki)) (tens of thousands died because of the lack of drugs) an attempt to kill Osama bin Laden
1999 UN Al-Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Committee (Wiki)
2001 Congress & Bush pass Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists (Wiki)
This is used as the basis for surveillance inside the U.S. and Guantanamo military commissions, i.e. the Imperial Presidency.
9-11 by Noam Chomsky (ISBN 1-58322-489-0) "When IRA bombs were set off in London, there was no call to bomb West Belfast or Boston."
2001 Afghanistan Operation Enduring Freedom (Wiki)
2003 Iraq War (Wiki) - Why?

U.S. Imperialism

The U.S. has bases all over the world.
Dismantling the Empire by Chalmers Johnson makes that case that the U.S. can not afford the cost.

7 On the Freedom Of Information Act (Wiki: FOIA)

As part of his campaign Obama vowed "to make his administration the most open and transparent in history."  But now is the least transparent.
DOD & Torture Photos
ACLU - Obama Administration Reverses Promise To Release Torture Photos - also see Ref1 -
Lieberman, Graham Introduce Detainee Photographic Records Protection Act -
Rolling Stone - Obama's support for the new Graham-Lieberman secrecy law -
H.R.2346 - Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2009. Making supplemental appropriations for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2009, and for other purposes.
It's not clear if section 1305 "Detainee Photographic Records Protection, but the 2009 Executive Order 13526 accomplishes the same thing.
EO 13526 section 1.7d (Wiki) - allows changing classification AFTER a FOIA request.
(d)   Information that has not previously been disclosed to the public under proper authority may be classified or reclassified after an agency has received a request for it under the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552), the Presidential Records Act (44 U.S.C. 2204(c)(1)), the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. 552a), or the mandatory review provisions of section 3.5 of this order only if such classification meets the requirements of this order and is accomplished on a document-by-document basis with the personal participation or under the direction of the agency head, the deputy agency head, or the senior agency official designated under section 5.4 of this order. The requirements in this paragraph also apply to those situations in which information has been declassified in accordance with a specific date or event determined by an original classification authority in accordance with section 1.5 of this order.
SEC & Wall Street Fraud documents
Note:  Dodd-Frank section 929 (Ref4a) has a provision that exempts the SEC from FOIA requests.

8 On Whistle Blowers

Time - WikiLeakers and Whistle-Blowers: Obama's Hard Line - "His case is part of a trend under the Obama Administration, which is rapidly establishing a record as the most aggressive prosecutor of alleged government leakers in U.S. history"

Read more:,8599,2058340,00.html#ixzz1RScG97xg

Federal Judge Threatens DOJ Lawyers With Sanctions in Warrantless Wiretapping Case - Obama's DOJ withholding information.  Note Bush gutted the DOJ and put it under the President. He needed to break the law and wanted to insure there would be no prosecutions.  Obama is keeping it that way.  (See: Reining in the Imperial Presidency in Ref 15)

Obama's War on WikiLeaks -- and Us -
Climate of Fear: Jim Risen v. the Obama administration - it underscores the menacing attempt by the Obama administration... to threaten and intimidate whistleblowers, journalists and activists who meaningfully challenge what the government does in secret.

9 On the Press

The movie Network (IMDB) (I'm as Mad as Hell and I Not Going to Take this Anymore) made known the idea the the press would change from being objective to being something designed to get good ratings (more entertainment value).  In my opinion most of the "news" programs seem designed to frighten their audience.  Now we have Fox News that's a propaganda outlet for the Republican party.  I can remember hearing in school how the USSR had no real news, all they got was propaganda.
Rolling Stone - How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory -
Fox BGH Suit - I think the appals court ruled that Fox Corp, as a person, has the right to lie and to force their "reporters" to lie or be fired.
That's not to say that the other news is not very biased. 
The best ones so far seem to be Rolling Stone, and PBS.
NPR -July 8, 2011 U.K. tabloid News of the World closed by Murdoch - It was alleged that the tabloid targeted victims of violent crimes and the July 2005 terrorist bombings by tapping thier phones and using the information in news stories.

10 On Money and Politicians

The KEY issue is that the platform (the issues supported by a candidate) is not determined by the political party (hence Democrat = Republican) or by campaign promises (which seem to get broken starting the day someone takes office) but rather what has been bought and paid for. 

For example the largest share of Obama's campaign contributations came from Wall Street (Goldman Sachs). So it's no suprise that he is doing everything he can to protect them.  Hence the watered down version of Frank Dodd (Ref4a) and it's inclusion of an exemption of the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to protect Wall Street. 

If you know how to find out the largest money contributors to Obama's 2008 campaign were please let me know.  The Federal Election Commission web pages are extremely user hostile (maybe on purpose). is not much better in terms of finding about who elected a given canidate.  The Open Secrets list of top contributors to Obama doesn't make sense to me.  Here it is:
University of California $1,642,735 Carl Shapiro - Council of Economic Advisors (Wiki)
Goldman Sachs $1,012,841 Timothy Geithner  (Wiki) Sec of Treasury, arranged the rescue and sale of Bear Stearns & bail out AIG - he's Wall Street's man

Alexander Lasry - revolving door
Philip D. Murphy (Wiki) United States Ambassador to Germany
Sonal Shah (Wiki) Director Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation
Robert D. Hormats (Wiki) - Under Secretary of State for Economic, Business, and Agricultural Affairs
July 14, 2009 Goldman Sachs reported earnings today, an all-time high for them, and then set aside over $11 billion in compensation just for half the year.  Has the President seen that?  Does he think it's appropriate for a company that's received $10 billion in government funding to set aside that kind of money for compensations?
Harvard University $862,604 Susan Rice (Wiki) UN ambasador
Penny Pritzker (Wiki)
Susan Athey (Wiki) Committee on the National Medal of Science
Nancy Sutley (Wiki) leads  Council on Environmental Quality.
Dr. Lawrence H. Summers (Wiki) He was Director of the White House United States National Economic Council for President Barack Obama until November 2010.
Ashton Carter (Wiki) Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (AT&L)
Robert Bauer (Wiki) White House Counsel
Greg Craig (Wiki) White House Counsel
Microsoft Corp $852,167 Maria Eitel has withdrawn her name from consideration as the CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service.
Patty Stonesifer (Wiki) - Council for Community Solutions
Google Inc $814,540 Dick Costolo (Wiki) National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee
JPMorgan Chase & Co $807,799 Christopher A. Smith (Who Runs Gov)- DOE Office of Fossil Energy (Oil)
Douglas A. Criscitello (Who Runs Gov) - CFO HUD
Nancy-Ann DeParle (Who Runs Gov) - Deputy White House chief of staff
Citigroup Inc $736,771 Richard D. Parsons (Wiki) Economic Transition Team,  Council on Jobs and Competitiveness
Time Warner $623,118
Sidley Austin LLP $600,298 David B. Barlow (White House) US Attorney Utah
Michael Strautmanis (Wiki) (White House) Chief of Staff to Valerie Jarrett, Office of Public Engagement
Barack Obama (Wiki)  Pres
Michelle Obama (Wiki) Pres wife
John G. Levi (Wiki) on BOD of Legal Services Corporation
Victoria A. Espinel (Wiki) OMB Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator
Stanford University $595,716 Steven Chu - Sec. of Energy (Wiki)
John Bryson (Wiki) - Sec Dept of Commerce, Stanford, Boeing, S. Cal Edison
Engineering Innovation Center Brings Together Tools to Launch Future Entrepreneurs
Ronald W. Sharpe - (MainJustice) US attorney for the Virgin Islands
I would argue that the hundred of  millions of dollars we invested in Stanford wasn't an impediment.
Anthony W. Miller (Wiki) Sec of Education
John P. Holdren (Wiki) - Dir Office of Science & Technology
Dana L. Christensen (Wiki)  MT dist. Judge
Michael C. Camuñez - Dept of Commerce
Jennifer Di Toro - Jennifer Di Toro
National Amusements Inc $563,548 motion picture theaters
WilmerHale Llp $549,918 Edward C. DuMont (Wiki) United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
William J. Wilkins (White House) Chief Counsel IRS
Skadden, Arps et al $543,539 Christina M. Tchen (Wiki) Chief of Staff to Michelle Obama
Preeta Bansal (Wiki) (White House) General Counsel and Senior Policy Advisor OMB
Judge Leonard P. Stark (Wiki) United States District Court for the District of Delaware
Columbia University $536,202 Melody Barnes (Wiki) - Director of the Domestic Policy Council
UBS AG $532,674 Robert Wolf (Wiki) President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board
IBM Corp $532,372 David J. Kappos (Wiki) Director USPTO
Kenneth Chenault (Wiki) Council on Jobs and Competitiveness
General Electric $528,180 Dot Harris (White House) Nominee for Director of the Office of Minority Economic Impact
US Government $517,908
Morgan Stanley $512,232 Charles Phillips (White House) President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board
Latham & Watkins $502,045 Kathryn Ruemmler (Wiki) White House Counsel
The University of California employees made the largest contributation to Obama (LA Times: California a rich state for Obama)  What did they ask for in return?  Was it the same thing that Harvard University, Stanford and Columbia asked for?  If it's the same thing then their combined $3,637,257 has a strong voice.  How to find out what the Universities are lobbing for, let me know.

Campaign finance reform in the United States (Wiki) - it's clear that congressmen & congresswomen can be controlled by the money that is or is not given to their campaign funds.  The money is now in control of what laws get passed or not passed.  Obama's health care is a good example of the Insurance and Pharmaceutical lobbies writing the bill that passed.

In the movie Constructing Public Opinion: How Politicians & the Media Misrepresent the Public (by the same group that made Hijacking Catastrophe) - they make the case that public opinion follows the news media, i.e. politicians don't say what the polls tell them and then change after in office, but rather politicians ignore the polls on issues where it would hurt their campaign contributions.  That both the Democrats and Republicans have the same views on issues where there's money at stake like: Health Care, NAFTA (Wiki), GATT (Wiki) the environment, wages they only disagree on issues where there's little money involved like abortion, gay rights, the death penalty.

10A On Campaign finance reform

(Wiki) - is mandatory to get us out of this problem.
Federal Election Campaign Act of 1972 (Wiki) requires reporting of contributations, but that doesn't solve the problem.
Some current proposals are:

Voting with Dollars (Vouchers)

The government would issue say $50 in campaign vouchers to each voter who could vote them all to one canidate or spread between canidates in an "election" (the donation booth) the result of which would be that money going to those canidates for their campaign.  See the book: Voting with Dollars

Matching funds

The idea is that the government would match the first say $250 of a private donation, the idea being that large donations would not get matching, but the obivious thing is that corporations would find a way to get around this.

Clean elections (Wiki)

To get the government money a canidate would need some number of signatures and some amount of contributation from each (say $5).

10B On  Lobbying Reform PACs (Wiki)

Supreme Court

Corporate personhood (Wiki) - Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (2010) the Supreme Court of the United States held that corporate funding of independent political broadcasts in candidate elections cannot be limited under the First Amendment, overruling Austin (1990) and partly overruling McConnell (2003).  - I think this is a major mistake as does Obama (YouTube: Obama Attack US Supreme Court Election Ruling)

Here's how the 5:4 decision works with the party of the appointing president.  You'd hope that judges were not biased, but it's clear that the supreme court has been stacked by the Republicans and now the country will suffer for it.
For Corporate Funding

Against Corporate Funding
Appointed by
Appointed by
Anthony Kennedy Ronald Reagan (R) John Paul Stevens (Wiki)
Gerald Ford (R)
John Roberts (Wiki) GW Bush (R) Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Wiki)
Bill Clinton (D)
Samuel Alito (Wiki) GW Bush (R) Stephen Breyer (Wiki)
Bill Clinton (D)
Antonin Scalia (Wiki) Ronald Reagan (R) Sonia Sotomayor (Wiki)
Barack Obama (D)
Clarence Thomas (Wiki) GHW Bush (R)

I wonder what other decisions the supremes have made that defy common sense?  Let me know.
The new "Let them eat cake! -

Bush v. Gore Supreme Court Case (Wiki) - Florida law requires a recount if the difference between the winner and looser is under 1% and it was 0.5%.  An automated recount (they used voting machines) showed Bush the winner by a little over 300 votes, so Gore asked for a manual count (i.e. why was the result different than the first count)  in a small number of Democratic districts.  The supreme court stopped the manual recount because it might harm Bush (but that presupposes that Bush had really won).  By not allowing the manual recount the supreme court showed that it was a political decision.

The Nation - None Dare Call It Treason by Vincent Bugliosi Jan 18 2001.
The Betrayal of America
by Vincent Bugliosi

YouTube - Thom Hartmann: Important! Newt is right about the Supreme Court 

11 On Global Warming

Rolling Stone - Al Gore: Climate of Denial
"That is exactly what is happening with U.S. decisions regarding the climate crisis. The best available evidence demonstrates beyond any reasonable doubt that the reckless spewing of global-warming pollution in obscene quantities into the atmospheric commons is having exactly the consequences long predicted by scientists who have analyzed the known facts according to the laws of physics.

The emergence of the climate crisis seems sudden only because of a relatively recent discontinuity in the relationship between human civilization and the planet's ecological system. In the past century, we have quadrupled global population while relying on the burning of carbon-based fuels — coal, oil and gas — for 85 percent of the world's energy. We are also cutting and burning forests that would otherwise help remove some of the added CO2 from the atmosphere, and have converted agriculture to an industrial model that also runs on carbon-based fuels and strip-mines carbon-rich soils."

12 On Character Assassination (Wiki)

When Eliot Spitzer (Wiki) recognized the problems on Wall Street prior to the 2008 meltdown and was bringing criminal prosecutions (Wiki: cases)against the wrong doers.  They retaliated by exposing his personal sex life.  This was not some accidental discovery but rather character assassination.

Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer  (IMDB) - the federal government (not the local police) filed a document that contained enough information to allow reporters to figure out that Spitzer had hired a prostitute.

During the Bush administration's run up to the March 2003 Iraq invasion Joseph Wilson (Wiki) (Valerie Plame's (Wiki) husband wrote an article for the NY Times July 6, 2003 "What I Didn't Find in Africa" and the first line is "Did the Bush administration manipulate intelligence about Saddam Hussein's weapons programs to justify an invasion of Iraq?"  In retaliation the Bush administration outed Valerie and that had the effect of changing the focus of the news from the issue of Bush's lying to the CIA spy Plame, who had been working in the area of WMD technology (she also know about the Bush lies).

Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House by Valerie Plame
Fair Game (IMDB) - there's an alternate sound track where Valerie and Joseph comment on the events
The Politics of Truth: Inside the Lies that Led to War and Betrayed My Wife's CIA Identity: A Diplomat's Memoir by Joseph Wilson

13 On Nukes

Electric Generation

America’s Nuclear Nightmare - The U.S. has 31 reactors just like Japan’s — but regulators are ignoring the risks and boosting industry profits


Count Down to Zero (IMDB)- although the odds of a nuclear detonation are very small the result is unthinkable.  Best to dismantle all nuclear weapons.

14 On Rights

George Carlin: It's Bad For YA 2008, Santa Rosa, Calif (IMDB) - the Bill of Rights are not rights, but rather privileges. 
He references Wiki: Japanese Americans 1942 - about americans loosing their rights. 

15 On the Imperial Presidency

House Committee on the Judiciary Majority Staff Report to Chairman John Conyers, Jr. Jan 2009
Reining in the Imperial Presidency: Lessons and Recommendations Relating to the presidency of George W. Bush (pdf)
There are approximately a thousand links to internet documents in this report, most of which still work in 2011.
This 487 page document reviews problems in the GW Bush administration and makes 47 recommendations.  I wonder what if anything has been done?
The Obama administration has carried forward and in some cases extended the violations of the Bush administration.

Section 1 Politicization of the DOJ

Immediatley after 9/11 the NSA had a need to put wire taps on U.S. phones, which was clearly aginst the law.  At one point the Attorney General and his staff were about to quit en mass.  The solution was for the Presidents office to take over the Department of Justice.  As far as I know it's still under Obama.
A Pretest for Way by James Bamford (2004)
The Shadow Factory by James Bamford (2008)
Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? By Matt Taibbi February 16, 2011
see: Ref14a on exempting the SEC from FOIA requests

Section 2 Assault on Individual Liberty

This rewriting of the law happened in many areas:
1. Detention,
2. Interrogation,
4. Warrantless Surveillance,
5. National Security Letters (NLSs) & Exigent Letters.

Section 3 Misuse of Executive Brance Authority

1. Presidential Signing Statements
2. Rulemaking Process

Section 4 Retribution Aginst Critics

1. The Leak of Valerie Plame Wilson’s Covert CIA Identity and Its Aftermath
2. Retaliation Against Other Administration Critics
Gen Eric Shinseki - had a realistic assessment of how many troops would be needed in Iraq
Treasury Sec Paul O'Neill - opposed Bush's tax policy & pointing out that Bush was planning to go to war with Iraq prior to 9/11
The Price of Loyalty - Wiki - Aug 5, 2011 book on order since it will help in determining why the 2003 Iraw war.
 Larry Lindsey - senior White House economic advisor - extimated that the 2003 Iraq war would cost 200 Billion but Bush didn't want to hear it.
Richard Clarke  - counter-terrorism czar -
“Rumsfeld was saying we needed to bomb Iraq... We all said, ‘but no, no, al-Qaeda is in Afghanistan.’”1244 Mr.Rumsfeld responded: “There aren’t any good targets in Afghanistan. And there are lots of good targets in Iraq.”1245
Aginst All Enemies by Richard Clarke (2004)
Bunnatine Greenhouse - chief contracting officer at the Army Corps of Engineers that has managed much of the reconstruction work in Iraq
Ms. Greenhouse came forward and revealed that top Pentagon officials showed improper favoritism to Halliburton when awarding military contracts to Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR). Ms. Greenhouse stated that when the Pentagon awarded Halliburton a five-year $7 billion contract, it pressured her to withdraw her objections, actions which she claimed were unprecedented in her experience.1252

S5 Government in the Shadows

1. Exec Privilege
“Executive privilege” is an assertion made by the president of the United States as grounds for refusing to produce information or documents, or for witnesses refusing to answer questions, in response to a request or subpoena. The concept of “executive privilege” is not mentioned in the Constitution, but is grounded in the separation of powers doctrine.
2. Improper Use of State Secrets and Other Authorities
“[t]he government invoked the privilege in only four cases between 1953 and 1976, but it has been invoked more than 20 times since the September 11
terrorist attacks and at least five times” in 2006 alone.”  "Under the Bush Administration, state secrets doctrine has been invoked in seeking dismissal of lawsuits in cases involving: (i) extraordinary rendition; (ii) the warrantless wiretapping program; (iii) post-9/11 detention of American citizens; and (iv) lawsuits brought by former federal employees alleging racial discrimination and retaliation, as discussed below."
3. Manipulation and Misuse of Intelligence
As early as October 2002, various U.S. military officials, intelligence employees, and diplomats charged that the Bush Administration put intelligence analysts under intense pressure to produce reports supporting the White House’s argument that Saddam Hussein posed an immediate threat and that preemptive military action was necessary. One anonymous official stated at the time, “[a]nalysts at the working level in the intelligence community are
feeling very strong pressure from the Pentagon to cook the intelligence books.”

This report, titled “Iraq on the Record: the Bush Administration’s Public Statements on Iraq,” details public statements made by senior Bush Administration officials regarding policy toward Iraq. The report indicates that “five officials made misleading statements about the threat posed by Iraq in 125 public appearances.  The report and an accompanying database identify 237 specific misleading statements by the five officials.”
1477.Minority Staff of H. Comm. On Gov’t Reform, 109th Cong., Iraq on the Record: The Bush Administration’s Public Statements on Iraq, H. Comm. (2004), available at <- has been pulled down.
Found a copy at: (and I have a copy)

People who made misleading statements (the reports wording, I'd say lies)
A. Bush
B. Cheney
C. rumsfeld
D. Powell
E. Rice

S6 Policy Recommendations

There are 47  recomendations to address the problems cited above.

16 On The U.S. Constitution (Wiki)

The Wiki page is about the constitution, but does not contain a complete version.
The version at the National Constitution Center has a lot of comments and is broken up into many parts, but is the best so far.
I'm looking for a pdf version of the constitution that is current.  If you know of one Let me know.

David S. Addington - Vice-President Cheney’s chief of staff - a lawyer who did  a lot to subvert the constitution.
The New Yorker - The Hidden Power:The legal mind behind the White House’s war on terror. by July 3, 2006

17 On Ethics

This topic econmpasses a number of areas.

Campaign Finance Reform (Wiki)

Character Assassination (Wiki)

Examples from the Bush43 administration: Valerie Plame (Wiki), Gen Eric Shinseki (Wiki), Treasury Sec Paul O'Neill (Wiki), Larry Lindsey (Wiki),
Richard A. Clarke (Wiki), Bunnatine Greenhouse (Wiki), Eliot Spitzer (Wiki, Wiki)

Conflict of interest (Wiki)

Freedom of Information (Wiki)

Lobbying reform

Campaign reform is needed to stop the money prior to elections from buying politicians and lobbying reform is needed to stop special interests from buying politicians after they are in office.

Revolving Door (Wiki)

Regulatory capture (Wiki) - the "regulators" work for the industry rather than "regulate" them. 
They are no longer doing the job they were created to do.  Wiki List:
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE)
Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Federal Reserve Banking System
Federal Reserve Bank of New York (New York Fed)

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC)
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

And it looks like the following need to be added:
Department of Justice  (DOJ)
United States Senate
United States House of Representatives

Transparency (Wiki) in Politics and Media

The Freedom Of Information Act (Wiki: FOIA)
Freedom of information in the United States (Wiki)

Whistleblowers (Wiki)

18 Authoritarin Followers

In the first chapter of Conservatives without Conscience (Wiki, Amazon)by John Dean gives a huge amount of credit to:
Robert Altemeyer (Wiki), author of The Authoritarians (free on line book)and Stanley Milgram (Wiki) who did the Milgram Experiment (Wiki).

Milgram summarized the experiment in his 1974 article, "The Perils of Obedience", writing:

The legal and philosophic aspects of obedience are of enormous importance, but they say very little about how most people behave in concrete situations. I set up a simple experiment at Yale University to test how much pain an ordinary citizen would inflict on another person simply because he was ordered to by an experimental scientist. Stark authority was pitted against the subjects' [participants'] strongest moral imperatives against hurting others, and, with the subjects' [participants'] ears ringing with the screams of the victims, authority won more often than not. The extreme willingness of adults to go to almost any lengths on the command of an authority constitutes the chief finding of the study and the fact most urgently demanding explanation.

Ordinary people, simply doing their jobs, and without any particular hostility on their part, can become agents in a terrible destructive process. Moreover, even when the destructive effects of their work become patently clear, and they are asked to carry out actions incompatible with fundamental standards of morality, relatively few people have the resources needed to resist authority.

A Conservative Explains Why Right-Wingers Have No Compassion: A former Republican Senate Congressional staffer on why right-wingers think people without insurance deserve to die.-

The WAWG Blog - about Authoritarian figures in U.S. Politics

Republican Gomorrah: Inside the Movement that Shattered the Party - Max Blumenthal; Hardcover


YouTube video

(Note: by independent I mean unaffiliated, not an existing party.)
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Cabals (Wiki)

After figuring out that the reason for the Iraq 2003 war was the influence of the PNAC cabal, I'm looking for other cabals that have people common with PNAC.

Project for the New American Century

 (Wiki)- Closed down in 2006 - replaced by FPI:

Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI)

 follow on from PNAC - (Wiki) - Official web site - List of people

American Enterprise Institute

(Wiki) - official web page - List of people

Manhattan Institute for Policy Research


Hudson Institute


Henry Jackson Society


Heratiage Foundation


Cato Institute


Interesting People

Smedley Butler (Wiki)
Dan Hamberg (Wiki) - Former U.S. Congressman and member of the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors - Bio
James E. Hansen (Wiki) Global Warming (email question sent 5 Aug 2011)
Chalmers Johnson (Wiki) - Best of TomDispatch: Chalmers Johnson, Dismantling the Empire 

Three Good Reasons To Liquidate Our Empire
And Ten Steps to Take to Do So By Chalmers Johnson
1. We Can No Longer Afford Our Postwar Expansionism
2. We Are Going to Lose the War in Afghanistan and It Will Help Bankrupt Us
3. We Need to End the Secret Shame of Our Empire of Bases

Bill McKibben (Wiki) - - Global Warming (email question sent 5 Aug 2011)
Peter Dale Scott (Wiki) - The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America - Peter Dale Scott (on order 5 Aug 2011)

Hijacking Catastrophe

Tariq Ali (Wiki) -
"The major reason to take Iraq was a display of imperial power."
Benjamin Barber (Wiki) -
" Fear and terror are terrorism's means.  Fear is terrorism's turf.  America's turf is democracy, the open society, pluralism, an unwillingness to be scared into submission, scared out of it's liberties, scared out of it's multiculturalism."
"The danger since 9/11 has been not the damage of the 9/11 strikes themselves but the damage that we have done to ourselves on the way to "protect ourselves".
Medea Benjamin (Wiki)
Noam Chomsky (Wiki) -
Richard A. Clarke (Wiki) -
I've read his book: Against All Enemies (2004) (Wiki) and the movie is consistant with thie book.
Kevin Danaher (Wiki)
Mark Danner (Wiki)
Shadia Drury (Wiki) - not in the movie, but is in the Extended Interviews on the DVD.
Author of:
Alexandre Kojeve: The Roots of Postmodern Politics. Palgrave Macmillan: London, 1994. ISBN 0-312-12092-3
The Political Ideas of Leo Strauss. 1st ed. Macmillan: London, 1988. ISBN 0-333-41256-7
Leo Strauss and the American Right. Palgrave Macmillan: London, 1999. ISBN 0-312-21783-8
Terror and Civilization: Christianity, Politics, and the Western Psyche.Palgrave Macmillan: London, 2004. ISBN 1-4039-6404-1
Michael Eric Dyson (Wiki)
Daniel Ellsberg (Wiki) - published The Pentagon Papers (1971) (Wiki)
Michael Franti (Wiki)
Stan Goff (Wiki) - Peak Oil
William Hartung (Wiki) -
Chalmers Johnson (se above)
"Right now as we talk the 4th (Wiki) and 6th (Wiki) amendments of the Constution, the Bill of Rights, are dead letters."
"Perpetual war, the loss of civil liberties, the lack of trust in government because they don't tell the truth.  These are outrageous and unpleasant political developments but they don't necessarily spell the end of the United States.  Financial bankruptcy does."
Robert Jensen (Wiki)
- Houston Chronicle  Sep. 14, 2001 Jensen wrote that the September 11th terrorist attacks were "reprehensible and indefensible" but "no more despicable than the massive acts of terrorism – the deliberate killing of civilians for political purposes – that the U.S. government has committed during my lifetime."  (also see Ref1)
Jackson Katz (Wiki)
Michael Klare (Wiki) -
"Resource control, military policy focused on protection of pipe lines."
Lt. Col.  Karen Kwiatkowski (Wiki) -
"we now have 4 bases in Iraq.  Beautiful bases, we can hit Syria, we can hit Iran, we can keep tabs on Afaganastan.  There's all kinds of things we can do from those bases."
"If you look at the pipeline, the proposed pipeline route across Afaganastan,  and you look at our bases - matches perfectly."
Norman Mailer (Wiki) - author
Zia Mian (Wiki) -
Mark Crispin Miller (Wiki)
Paul O'Neill (Wiki) - Sec of the Treasury under Bush43.
Supplied the information for the book The Price of Loyalty (Wiki)
It was reading this book the lead to the movie Hijacking Catastrophe and the book and movie are consistant.
Scott Ritter (Wiki) -  the chief United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq
" And what did we see in the aftermath of September 11, 2001.  Immediate action on all fronts.  The Patriot Act (Wiki) was passed here in the United States without a public debate, without any debate by Congress, just passed.  It's a frontal assault on the Constitution."
Chicken Hawks and their children who have not served in military:
Bush (Vietnam), Chaney (Vietnam), Rumsfeld (Korea), Wolfowitz (Vietnam), Ashcroft (Vietnam)
Mazar-E Sharif (Wiki), Bagram (Wiki), Khowst (Wiki)
" has nothing to do with Osama bin Laden. It has everything to do with a longer plan and in this case a strategy which I wouldn't necessarily call neo conservative.  However it fits perfectly in with the neo conservative ideology which says - If you have military and you need something from a weaker country then you need to deploy that force and take what you need because your country's needs are paramount."
Wandana Shiva (Wiki)
Norman Solomon (Wiki) -   Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
"Robert Jackson, the Justice from the U.S. Supreme Court who went to Neurmberg in 1945, made it very clear that the Natzi leaders were being put on trial not because they lost but because they launched an aggressive war and he described it as a crime aginst humanity that had no possible justification."
Greg Speeter (Exec Dir National Priorities Project)
Harlan K. Ullman (Wiki) & James P. Wade (Wiki)
1996 advisory report Shock and Awe (Wiki) (book at National Defense UniversityU)
[the book] argues that the aim of modern warefare is not to mearly to achieve military victory, but also, by means of shear intimidation, to inflict a deep psychological injury, to scare and terroize potential rivals into submission.  It is in effect the practical application of the Wolfowitz doctrine of global domination through force."
Immanuel Wallerstein (Wiki)
"so yea, there interested in oil, but that's a middle run interest.  Their immediate goal is intimidation.  So when people say for example, which is very frequent, that it's all about oil, of course oil's important and of course we want control of oil, but oil isn't enough to explain a war on Iraq."
Jody Williams (Wiki)
Max Wolff (Univ of Mass, Dept of Econ)

FPI People

Board of Directors

William Kristol
Robert Kagan
Dan Senor


Jamie Fly, Executive Director
Ellen Bork, Director, Democracy and Human Rights
Abe Greenwald, Policy Advisor and Online Editor
Rachel Hoff, Director of External Affairs

People who signed letter of 15 March 2011 calling for bombing Libya and regime change (while not mentioning the UN).
Fouad Ajami Wiki
Ajami predicts that after liberation, the streets in Basra and Baghdad are 'sure to erupt in joy in the same way the throngs in Kabul greeted the Americans.'"
Stephen E. Biegun Wiki VP Ford
2001 to 2003, - Executive Secretary of the National Security Council
Aspen Institute (Wiki) "No Child Left Behind" - bio
Max Boot Wiki
Ellen Bork Wiki
Paul Bremer Wiki head of the Coalition Provisional Authority (Wiki)
Disband the Iraq Army
"De-Ba'thification" of the Iraqi civil service
didn't repair the meters on the oil wells so no accounting of the oil pumped
Scott Carpenter
Wiki astronaut
Elizabeth Cheney Wiki Dick's wife & worked in the State dept under Bush43
Eliot Cohen Wiki a founding member of the PNAC (Wiki)
Seth Cropsey Wiki Dir of the International Broadcasting Bureau (Wiki) under Bush43 (VOA, etc.)
Thomas Donnelly Wiki  American Enterprise Institute
Michele Dunne Wiki
Eric Edelman Wiki Deputy Assistant to the Vice President for National Security Affairs (2001-2003)
Jamie Fly Wiki
Reuel Marc Gerecht
Wiki former director of the PNAC
former resident fellow at the AEI
William Inboden Wiki
Bruce Pitcairn Jackson Wiki
Ash Jain Wiki
Ken Jensen Wiki
Robert Kagan Wiki co-founded the PNAC
Lawrence Kaplan Wiki
David Kramer Wiki
Irina Krasovskaya
William Kristol Wiki see PNAC Letter to Pres. Clinton
Tod Lindberg Wiki Religious values
Michael Makovsky Wiki
Ann Marlowe Wiki
Cliff May Wiki
Joshua Muravchik Wiki formerly at the AEI
now a fellow at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) (Wiki)
LA Times Bomb Iran:  Diplomacy is doing nothing to stop the Iranian nuclear threat; a show of force is the only answer.
Michael O'Hanlon Wiki
Martin Peretz Wiki During Peretz's tenure as editor of the New Republic (Wiki), the magazine faced one of journalism's most notorious fabrication scandals. Shattered Glass (IMDB)
Danielle Pletka Wiki see AEI People
Randy Scheunemann Wiki President of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq (Wiki) created by PNAC
an advisor to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Iraq
advises Sarah Palin (Wiki)
Gary J. Schmitt Wiki exe dir (1999–2001) and president (2002–2005) of the New Citizenship Project (Wiki)
AEI bio
Dan Senor Wiki FPI board
contributes to Fox News (Wiki) and WSJ (Wiki) Republican, free market
Henry Sokolski Wiki
Whit Stillman Wiki
William Taft Wiki
Marc Thiessen Wiki
Daniel Twining Wiki
Kurt Volker Wiki
Peter Wehner Wiki
Ken Weinstein Wiki
Leon Wieseltier Wiki
Rich Williamson Wiki
Damon Wilson Wiki

AEI People

Arthur C. Brooks Wiki
Pres   AEI bio
David Gerson Wiki exe VP  no AEI bio
Jason Bertsch Wiki VP mktg  no AEI bio
Henry Olsen Wiki Vp & dir National Research Initiative   AEI bio
Danielle Pletka Wiki VP for foreign and defense policy studies
U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations (Wiki) under Bush43
married to Stephen Rademaker (WikiBureau of Arms Control (Wiki) Bush43
AEI bio
Board of Directors
Kevin Rollins Wiki Chair BOD
Gordon Binder Wiki former chairman and CEO of Amgen
Dick Cheney Wiki former VP
Daniel D'Aniello Wiki cofounder of The Carlyle Group
John V. Faraci Wiki chairman and CEO of International Paper
Harlan Crow Wiki
chairman and CEO of Crow Holdings
Christopher Galvin Wiki former CEO and chairman of Motorola
Raymond Gilmartin Wiki retired chairman and CEO of Merck & Co
Harvey Golub Wiki retired chairman and CEO of the American Express Co
Council of Academic Advisers   selects the winner of the Irving Kristol Award (Wiki)
James Q. Wilson Wiki
Eliot A. Cohen Wiki
Martin Feldstein Wiki
Gertrude Himmelfarb Wiki
R. Glenn Hubbard Wiki
William M. Landes Wiki
Sam Peltzman Wiki
John L. Palmer Wiki
George L. Priest Wiki
Jeremy A. Rabkin Wiki
Richard J. Zeckhauser Wiki

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